Make It Go Away

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About Make It Go Away

Make It Go Away is a hangover aid in soluble oral strips form and proclaims to be the fastest and easy way to recover from a hangover.



How does Make It Go Away work?

You need to keep a strip of Make It Go Away under your tongue or inside the cheek before and after you party and it allegedly dissolves in seconds. Make It Go Away asserts to deliver recovery nutrients needed by the body to recover from a hangover – Vitamin B, Electrolytes and Prickly Pear Extract – more efficiently into the body to lessen or even prevent a hangover.


Recover from a hangover fast and easy – Hangovers keep you groggy and sick all day. But now the soluble oral strips Make It Go Away promise to be the hangover aid that let you recover from a hangover fast and easy without annoying remedies such guzzling down liters of water or taking tablets. Make It Go Away emphasizes that you just need to keep the strips under your tongue or inside the cheek and it instantly dissolves to deliver nutrients important for recovering from a hangover. Beating hangover so easily is wishful thinking, so we must first read user experiences to believe such claims. Make It Go Away declares to deliver Vitamin B to boost brain function and energy and regulate the nervous system, Electrolytes to combat dehydration, and Prickly Pear Extract prevents nausea. Are the strips really that effective? Let’s wait for Make It Go Away user reviews to know more.


Easy to carry – Make It Go Away alleges to come in individual packets that go anywhere – in a purse or even pocket so that you will always have it on you even when you make impromptu plans. Make It Go Away convinces that it has a pleasant Mocha flavor to suit your taste. Is Make It Go Away that convenient to carry and use? User reviews will tell us more. Make It Go Away declares that it has zero calories and sugar. Did you find Make It Go Away that effective? Tell us more with your reviews.


What do I get?

  • 24 STRIPS

Price: $17.55 including shipping. |

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