MagnaStar Review

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What is MagnaStar

It is a smart portable light with the brightness of LEDs to ensure that there are no dark spots to cause you nuisance.

MagnaStar assures you that now you can get rid of the dark spots in and around the house that can become the bane of your existence. Or it could be that you need additional light in the outdoor areas, be it the porch or the driveway for that matter. Things get tricky without the presence of adequate light and it’s particularly true when you have young ones or elders at home. You just can’t keep installing lights in every nook and corner of the house and this portable light stresses that you won’t have to. But does it really help you get that additional light wherever you need? We look forward to hearing about that in your MagnaStar reviews.


The brightness and power of LEDs

The secret of this light lies in the bright LEDs, which ensure that you have light wherever you need it the most. In fact, there are 11 bright LED lights that give you sufficient brightness right in the palm of your hands. It seems like a tall claim and we await MagnaStar reviews to shed some light on it. MagnaStar reviews should also be helpful in telling us whether you can get 300 degree brightness with this light. It claims that it is possible because of the star design with powerful magnets.

In fact, the design of this light is quite special and there are magnets on each post. That means you can stick it to just about any metallic surface you want. As a result you can get enough light just about anywhere; be it in indoor spaces, while you are driving or are anywhere outdoors for that matter. Is the design of the light really that convenient? Let us know in your MagnaStar reviews. Since it fits the palm of your hand you can take it with you wherever you go and also aim it in areas where you need the light. Is the light really compact and easily maneuverable for your convenience? We would like you to let us know in your MagnaStar reviews.


Has several applications for you

This light claims to be that multipurpose solution for you so that you won’t feel the need for different lights ever so often. Hence you are saved a lot of money and hassle, according to its claims. We really wonder though if it’s really that multipurpose and will take a look at MagnaStar reviews before making up our minds. One of the important applications of the light is in your homes where there are dimly lit areas and tight spots. You can also use it in your garages etc. We want to know from MagnaStar reviews whether that’s truly the case.

It emphasizes that you can take the light when you go camping, are on the road or as your personal reading light too. MagnaStar reviews should be able to tell us more about that.


What do I get?

You will receive 2 MagnaStar™ Light for just $14.95 + $11.9 P&H.Official website

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