Leaf Glide

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What is Leaf Glide

As per the TV infomercial it is a powerful indoor antenna that can pick up signals within the range of a 65-mile radius. It filters out unwanted signals with the help of patented technology and amplifies HD signals for a clearer picture to increase broadcast television experience without the extra cost.

Powerful indoor antenna

Leaf Glide promises to be a compact, indoor antenna that is designed to match the power of an outdoor antenna. It alleges to have the ability to reach a 65-mile radius and receive HD signals for a high-quality signal reception. Leaf Glide assures that it picks up more channels including difficult-to-reach lower frequencies due to its smart design. Such far-fetched claims will be only verified once users send us their reviews for analysis.

leaf glide

Better Reception
Leaf Glide is designed with an award-winning paper-thin, omnidirectional format with reversible features for a better reception. It states to be fitted with a SignaLift technology that picks up more channels than other indoor antennas. The system also allegedly has a patented Jolt Amplifier that filters out cellular, FM, and other unwanted signals for a better picture quality. There are no Leaf Glide reviews available yet that will prove whether its claims are true or not.

Exclusive features
Leaf Glide promises to have a sturdy material that is designed and developed for the US Military. This very technology developed in the USA guarantees to deliver a long lasting performance with no chance of signal dropping or loss in its lifespan. The leaf style multi-directional antenna convinces to be flexible when it comes to placement since it can be used by pointing it in any direction. Also, it emphasizes to be extremely sleek and lightweight so that it doesn’t stand out or look ugly inside the house. It guarantees to offer the option to make it match with any type of décor with its paintable surface.

Cost-effective solution
Leaf Glide guarantees that its smart reception can provide a plethora of options to watch. Since there is no need to subscribe to a cable operator or individual channels, the cost is only of the antenna. Plus, it assures to be easy to install and can set up within few minutes. This antenna pulls in free TV channels such as local news, weather, kids, and sports programming within its range in High Definition. Does Leaf Glide work as promised will be only validated once users review it.

What do I get?
Buy Leaf Glide just for $89.99
Official Website:store.gomohu.com

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