JML Copper Stone Pan REVIEW

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About JML Copper Stone Pan

JML Copper Stone Pan proclaims to be a non-stick pan with innovative technology characteristics that makes cooking easy, clean and healthy. It emphasizes to come with a stainless steel base that maintains to give even heat distribution. It states to be built from forged aluminum core and is highly robust with an ultra-scratch resistance surface. Does it sound like it too good to be true? JML Copper Stone Pan reviews will soon reveal the facts.

JML Copper Stone Pan Review

Grace Swanson who used JML Copper Stone Pan writes in her review that the pan is a decent purchase. The handle though was difficult to fit as the holes and bolts were not threaded well.

Another user named Kerry Mason says that JML Copper Stone Pan looked nice. However her reviews show concern regarding the handle falling off and the non-stick finish that gets scratched easily.

Jill Potter claims in her JML Copper Stone Pan review that the pan is decent. She adds that the pan is delicate and should be hand washed to avoid scratching that occurs in the dishwasher.

One user Sheri Lopez states that JML Copper Stone Pan didn’t last for more than a year. Her review also complaints regarding the fact that the description of the pan is inaccurate since it don’t work on induction cook tops.

Lola Stephens states in her JML Copper Stone Pan review that the skillet portion of the pan works well. As per the review, the handle on JML Copper Stone Pan keeps loosening repeatedly even if the washers and screws are changed. She suggests ordering a pan with factory fixed handles instead.

Another user Stella Frazier also wrote a review of JML Copper Stone Pan. Similar to other reviews, her problem is with the handle on JML Copper Stone Pan. The chrome finish attachment piece is actually plastic that gets burnt easily.

Henrietta Manning in her JML Copper Stone Pan reviews complains that the pan’s surface is nowhere near durable and scratch resistant. Her review suggests that JML Copper Stone Pan might be a cheap imitation of an actually good pan sold in the market.

A JML Copper Stone Pan user Deborah Lloyd says in her review that the pan has a plastic-like finish and carried a foul chemical odor when it arrived.

Candace Dawson, a user who reviewed JML Copper Stone Pan asserts that its cooking surface is excellent. The only problem is the handle and the attachment process faced by other JML Copper Stone Pan reviewers.

JML Copper Stone Pan Questions and Answers

Q. Does JML Copper Stone Pan work on an induction cooktop?
A. The description says it will but it doesn’t work well on induction cook top

Q. Does JML Copper Stone Pan come with a non-stick coating?
A. Yes

Q. How to clean and handle this pan?
A. JML Copper Stone Pan should be cleaned using warm water and dish soap. Since it is non-stick a clean, damp cloth can be used to wipe off the surface without the need to scour.

Q. Can it be placed inside an oven?
A. No specific information is available

Q. Will JML Copper Stone Pan work on a glass top stove without warping?
A. Yes, it will work without any problems without warping

Q. How deep is JML Copper Stone Pan?
A. Its depth is approximately two inches.

Q. Can metal utensil be used with JML Copper Stone Pan or will it hamper its non-stick coating?
A. There is no specific information available. Although it might be affected since the build is not that good and the handles also don’t stay on well.

Q. Is the handle oven safe?
A. No specific information is available

Q. Where is JML Copper Stone Pan manufactured?
A. It is mostly made in China

Q. Is there any specific way to tighten the handles on JML Copper Stone Pan?
A. JML Copper Stone Pan has a handle that goes on with a single Phillips screw. All it needs is tightening the screw on the base of the handle.

JML Copper Stone Pan CLAIMS

JML Copper Stone Pan claims to be quick and healthy, the pan heats up fast and stays hot for a long to cook evenly. It alleges to be compatible for use on gas, induction, electric and ceramic hobs and asserts to withstand 350 degrees of heat. This claim of the JML Copper Stone Pan will be attested only once users review JML Copper Stone Pan.

JML Copper Stone Pan promises to be exquisite in look and feel, the copper cover enhances ambience of the kitchen. The mounded wood effect handle, guarantees to be comfortable and easy to use. It declares to come in three different sizes add convinces to help effectively cook variety of dishes. Does JML Copper Stone Pan really work as promised? send us your JML Copper Stone Pan review.

What do I get?
JML Copper Stone Pan just for £19.99 | Official Website:

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  1. I have a small pan the handle is coming off and I have to use oil it does not do what it says on the adverts, it was ok for a while then everything was sticking not what I expected at all !!!

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