Hoshi Heated Foot Pads Review

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What is Hoshi Heated Foot Pads

It claims to be an all-natural heated lavender scented foot pads designed to provide therapeutic heat while you sleep to help relieve sore and aching muscles.



Rest and relax

Hoshi Heated Foot Pads alleges to sooth sore and aching muscles for up to 10 hours by acting as sauna for the feet. Hoshi Heated Foot Pads asserts to offer therapeutic heat that naturally penetrates the soles to deliver comfort and relief. Hoshi Heated Foot Pads sound interesting but will be validated once it is reviewed.


Ground-breaking technology
Hoshi Heated Foot Pads states to have gentle adhesive that attaches the pad to the soles and draws extra sweat from the feet. It increases the metabolic waste released from the body in form of urea, excess water, lactic acid, and sodium. Hoshi Heated Foot Pads declares to change color due to a chemical reaction to notify its successful therapy in morning and has lavender essential oils for providing soothing aroma therapy. More shall be revealed once Hoshi Heated Foot Pads is reviewed.


What do I get?
You will receive a set of 10 Hoshi Heated Foot pads for $10.00 + $6.99 S&H.
Official website: buyhoshipads.com

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