Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier

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What is Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier

It is claimed to be a world class Humidifier that is innovatively connected with WEMO app that provides a remote access to control and manage its functionalities. The app, when installed on a smart device, can help monitor humidity levels and adjust settings remotely. It also provides alerts regarding low water level and change filter alerts with option to order filters right from the app screen.


State-of-the-art Humidifier

Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier claims that it is the perfect solution for any home or office that needs perfect humidification with access on fingertips. Humidity levels fluctuate depending on the weather and due to this fluctuation lots of problems can arise. Humidifiers are a good way to stabilize the amount of humidity inside a room, home or a whole building and helps in bringing the humidity level to a normal value. Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier is stated to be developed by Holmes, a trusted brand when it comes to home comfort appliances and Belkin, the leader and innovator in technology. It promises to be the best humidifier that is available in the market today and comes with a bunch of benefits.



Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier asserts that it has many options that can really help stabilize the humidity in the air which can dry out due to low atmospheric humidity and heating systems. The thoughtfully designed Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier is declared to help in remedying dry skin issues that start especially in winter which can be due to the use of heaters at home. The dry skin conditions that form due to winter causing itching and soreness can also be easily treated using it. In fact, its treatment capabilities even extend to helping in soothing cold, flu and allergic patients. It is also studied that people suffering from issues of Sinusitis and Asthma can find relief using this amazing humidifier. It is also stated that Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier can help in reducing static electricity in the air and helps in preserving any room’s appearance as it slows down wallpaper peeling and cracks formation in paint and furniture.


Smart Humidifier

Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier guarantees to help humidify the entire home with its smart capabilities that come with the WEMO app. To begin using it one would require a smart device like an Android enabled Cell phone/tablet or Apple iPhone/iPad. With the help of a Wi-Fi router the smart device can be set up with the app available easily on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app once easily installed on the phone starts to detect devices that are compatible with it and adds up Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier to its list when active. This makes it remotely accessible from any corner of the house and can control each and every feature available on the humidifier.


Remote Access Control

Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier maintains its smart feature by providing all the useful parameter controls in an easy format. The basic usage of WEMO can be made using the humidity check which tells what the humidity is and adjusted right from options that are available in the percentage setting or max, high, med, low and min levels. This helps in ensuring that the room is not dry or too damp. Also the amount of water required for functioning is detected and displayed in the app. So if water levels are dropping low there will be a notification that will pop up to save the trouble of manually checking over the water level for smooth functioning of the humidifier. Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier convinces to be most efficient because it also comes with reminders that alerts the users about the need to replace the Wick Filters that help maintain the humidity levels. Plus, there is a button that provides the option of ordering the filters right from the alert to ease the process furthermore. Also home owners who are on the run and cannot run the humidifier manually, can utilize the amazing feature of scheduling that comes with Holmes WEMO Enabled Humidifier. There can be weekly schedules timed according to the requirement that will automatically run the humidifier with the desired settings.


What do I get?

Please see official website holmesproducts.com

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  1. James Fairbank | November 17, 2014 at 2:52 pm | Reply

    comment in reference to the Holmes humidifier/Wemo.

    I purchased this unit and was surprised to learn that it does not have auto shut off, it will just keep running. There is a water sensor in the unit, but according to Holmes/Jarden tech support, the unit does not have auto shutoff. Why would this unit get a good review without such a basic feature.

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