Groomaroo REVIEW

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What is Groomaroo?

The TV commercial states that it is a pet grooming tool that makes cutting their fur and clipping nails safe, painless and easy.

Groomaroo Claims

The at-home pet groomer – Groomaroo promises that you do not have to hurt or scare your pet while grooming at home or spend big on professional groomers. It claims to be a cordless, adjustable groomer with 360° cutting design that rotates to set the length of fur to be cut. Just push the button and Groomaroo neatly and quickly trims the fur with low-volume operation that won’t bother the pet. Whether Groomaroo is that effective will be revealed by user reviews.

Gentle and convenient – Groomaroo guarantees to have a fully-adjustable cutting mechanism, no-snag circular blades that turn in any direction without touching the pet’s skin and gentle enough to not even break a balloon like scissors and shavers. Groomaroo convinces to be affordable, portable and great for cats, too. It allegedly massages while trimming and collects the fur to prevent mess. Is Groomaroo that effective? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?
Buy 2 Groomaroo Pet Groomers for $35.97 at the official website

4 Comments on "Groomaroo REVIEW"

  1. Judy Rieben Unnasch | April 8, 2018 at 10:35 pm | Reply

    I bought a Groomeraroo online and received it last week. I have never been so disappointed in any purchase of many I’ve made on line. I should have researched it first. It cut not one hair on my dog!!! It just made a lot of noise. After I tried it and was so disappointed, I watched the utube review. My experience was exactly the same as the narrator. I can’t even return it because I tjink I got it from Chine. DO NOT BUY THE GROOMEROO!!!!!!!!!

  2. Purchased yesterday. Tried it tonight. Could not figure out how to adjust the blades as the instructions were minimal. Tried it on my Bichon/Yorkie mix and it collected only a very small amount of fur! Would not recommend it. Will most likely be returning it.

  3. Does it really work?

    • Groomaroo may work, but I’m not going to find out because it is noisier than my hair clippers that I use. The dog is so scared of how noisy it is he runs and hides. He’s not letting that thing get close to him AT ALL!

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