Flipsies Review

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What is Flipsies –

It claims to be a set of 2-in-1 dolls with interchangeable pieces that change it from a regular everyday look to their dream look. It also comes with playsets that actually switch to location that matches their personality. Flipsies asserts to come with MagicPoint Technology in the dolls can speak and even interact with each other.



Magical dolls

Flipsies states to be a unique set of dolls that come with different personalities and dream professions. How different these dolls are from regular ones will be known once Flipsies is reviewed by users. Flipsies claims to be a 2-in-1 doll set that comes with not just the accessories but also a playset the suits the personality of each doll. Such farfetched claims by Flipsies do sound fascinating but will be verified only when users get to review Flipsies.

2-in-1 dolls

Flipsies emphasizes that each doll comes in two different states, one their dream and another their everyday look. Whether these looks are easily interchanged or not is something better left upon Flipsies reviews to answer. Flipsies maintains to have interchangeable hair, clothes and accessories for switching their looks. Along with their looks the playsets also switch form a daily activity pad to their professional area. How well these playsets function and match the dolls? Flipsies reviews will soon reveal the facts. Another noteworthy feature of Flipsies alleges to have is its MagicPoint Technology. When the dolls are placed upon the MagicPoint locations on any playset, the dolls respond with fun phrases that pertain to their personality and location on the playset. Also the charm on Flipsies necklaces can be pressed to see it light-up and hear a personality related line from the dolls. Such advance technology can really make playtime for kids a lot of fun; Flipsies reviews will expose the truth soon. Additionally, Flipsies asserts to have MagicChat locations too where two dolls can interact and talk to each other. At this point of time there are no Flipsies reviews available that will attest to its claims.


A doll for everyone

Flipsies promises to be perfect for every girl as it comes in many different forms and professions. Although the entire range and its functioning are known yet due to unavailability of Flipsies reviews. Flipsies declares to have dolls like Clementine, a baking expert, Styla who is a fashion designer, the rockstar doll Jazz who drives a convertible which transforms into a stage, Sandy who has a grand house that converts into an Ocean Cruiser, etc. There is also a marine biologist Sandy, Eva the veterinarian, Lexi the teacher, the princess Grace and Carina the doctor. Is Flipsies good at providing endless playtime? Send us your Flipsies reviews.


What do I get?

Please see official website vtechkids.com

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