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What is Dial Vision?

It claims to be adjustable glasses that can help achieve crystal clear vision. It states to replace regular prescription glasses with the help of its dial that can be adjusted without needing to visit the doctor again.

Dial Vision Features and Benefits

How does Dial Vision ACTUALLY work? – Dial Vision features a variable focus lens and each variable focus lens comprises an elastic membrane held in a chamber between rigid front and back polycarbonate plates. When the chamber is injected with fluid, the elastic membrane bends outwards or inwards to change the power of the lens.

Crystal clear vision – Dial Vision claims to be an amazing set of glasses that will change the way you see everything around. Such claims have been made by numerous other glasses before. Whether Dial Vision is different or not will be revealed with its reviews. Dial Vision states to be a unique pair of glasses that are created with the sole purpose of replacing prescription glasses. Can it really do so shall be verified once we receive Dial Vision reviews for analysis. Dial Vision guarantees to be more beneficial than visiting an eye specialist for eye check-ups every time. Can it really work such wonders? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Scientifically proven
Dial Vision assures that it has been developed under intricate study and research at Oxford, England, by top-notch optical scientists. There are currently no Dial Vision reviews available that will substantiate its claims. Dial Vision declares to be a set of adjustable glasses that comes with a dial that is meant to be adjusted and focused in a way that it matches the user’s prescription. Such an adjustable feature makes it seem impressive but user reviews will expose the truth. Dial Vision maintains to not just be a perfect to dial for regular vision but also the lens is flexible for converting it into reading glasses. Such farfetched claims by Dial Vision will be validated once it has been reviewed.

Exceptional features – Dial Vision convinces to be perfect over prescription glasses due to its strong and sturdy high quality material and construction. Such a comparison will be further confirmed once Dial Vision reviews are out. The cost effective Dial Vision asserts to also have an impact resistant frame that doesn’t break. To help serve the purpose better the glass of Dial Vision is alleged to be scratch resistant too. As of now there are no Dial Vision reviews out that will verify with its claims.

For those who are afraid that Dial Vision will not fit them properly, it proclaims to have a flexible and adjustable nose bridges. This helps in wearing the glasses with amazing amount of comfort like it has been customized for specific user. This feature will definitely help many individuals who find glasses discomforting; more shall be known with user reviews. Dial Vision alleges to have a universal design that is stylishly designed that adds a smart feature to the face. Can Dial Vision really provide such amazing results? Send us your reviews.

Dial Vision Usage Instructions

  • Hang the DialVision Eye Chart by at eye level at a 13 foot distance.
  • Turn the dials on both sides of the DialVision frame forward until you hear a click or until you cannot turn the dial any further.
  • Put the DialVision glasses and cover your left eye.
  • Turn the dial to ensure the lens is focused correctly. Attempt to read a string of letters on the last 2 lines for best results.
  • Now cover your right eye and repeat.

Dial Vision REVIEW

Leslie in her Dial Vision review reveals that even after trying to use Dial Vision from different ranges the distance, reading and computer didn’t work.

Mark H. in his Dial Vision review says that the glasses are difficult to adjust. The glasses are comfortable enough, but are useless if you cannot see through them.

Kelly Rose claims in her review that the Dial Vision glasses were twisted and would not fit properly. A cleaning cloth that was advertised to be supplied when purchasing a carrying case for the glasses was not supplied.

Dial Vision is cheaply made. There are no stops on the end of travel, go too far, the knob stops working and the glasses are free to move freely. You have to push the lens back into position and try to re-engage the gear. The slop in the gears are so much that just holding the glasses vertically knocks them out of whatever focus you did have. For heavens sake, don’t touch them or worse remove them as they completely change focus. Do not use it if you have lights behind or beside you, the light just bounces around between the lens in multiple reflections. A good idea but needs better execution of design and manufacture.

Dial Vision is cheaply made with no precision of focus. They are flimsy, scratch on the lens and the adjustable knobs seem like they are going to break any time.

There is a glare in low light or artificial light making them potentially unsafe. Not recommended for night driving. Lenses scratch easily and in less than a week had multiple scratches that minimize vision.

Scott complains that the Dial Vision fit is horrible and it’s impossible to get the proper correction with these glasses. They may make the vision of users worse.

Gavin reveals that the field of view is so narrow on these Dial Vision glasses that the distortion at the edge of the lens is noticeable and distracting. They may work but you can buy cheap glasses online that are of much higher quality.

Dale Caldwell says in the Dial Vision review that the specifications say this will correct vision up to +3.00. But it does not. It does not adjust enough to provide clear vision. It only provides clear vision in a small area directly in the middle of the lens.

Dial Vision Question and Answers

Before buying Dial Vision we want you to ask some basic questions regarding this product:

How does Dial Vision actually work?
Nowhere in the infomercial or on their official website do they mention how their product Dial Vision actually work? They tell you how to use it but never do they tell what is the internal mechanism of the product. This is highly unprofessional on the part of Dial Vision’s manufacturers part that they hide this crucial information.

Who is Dial Vision for?
Dial Vision is for those who have Presbyopia ONLY, it is not for those who have Astigmatism.

Is Dial Vision an alternative to Prescription Eyeglasses?
NOT AT ALL. Please do not use them before you get your eyes checked from a professional.

Can I use it while driving?
NO!! Dial Vision is intended for short-term use and should not be used for high-risk tasks like driving, or while operating machinery and tools.

What is the best of Dial Vision?

What is the material used?
Again no information about the material of the glasses, they do boast about Dial Vision being sturdy but they don’t tell about the material of the frame, again crucial information missing.

Is Dial Vision the only adjustable Lens eyeglass in the market?
Nope. There are several similar products available in the market. A simple search for “adjustable lens eyeglass” on Amazon.com will list dozens of such eyeglasses. Instant 20/20 is a direct competitor of Dial Vision in the “As Seen On TV” arena.

Is Dial Vision Tried and Tested?
Not much. Not many people have come forward with the Dial Vision reviews probably because most of them have not yet received their eyeglasses.

Are the Dial Vision Claims backed by any study?
None…..it is amusing to watch how they claim that it was developed in Oxford London but this claim is not backed with any research or study.

Ok..what are the advantages and disadvantages of Dial Vision?
Dial Vision glasses are just ok to use in dark or low-light areas and for reading but if you use them to watch TV or computer the light gets reflected/refracted due to the two lenses and it seems like you are watching the TV through a glass bottle.

How to clean Dial Vision?
Very difficult to clean the dust that over a period of time accumulates between the two lenses. We are not sure what is there between the two lenses, could be some kind of liquid which according to California State is linked with birth defects. Again they do not reveal the full information.

What is the material of the Dial Vision Lens?
No information regarding the lens material but we are sure that it is some cheap plastic. We don’t expect “As Seen On TV” companies to invest so much on quality.

Is Dial Vision “one size fits all”?
Not sure.

Does the nose piece of Dial Vision hurt?
It may because the nose piece is not adjustable.

What is the power range Dial Vision can be adjusted between?
– 6.0 to 3.0 Diopters.

What is the Frame dimensions of Dial Vision?
49 22, 141mm

10. Should I buy these?
Nope. Stay away from them. Don’t waste $30.

What do I get?

Get 1 Pair of Dial Vision Glasses with Protective Hard Case and Professional Eye Chart for $19.99 + $7.99 S/h at BuyDialVision.com

2 Comments on "Dial Vision REVIEWED | BuyDialVision.com EXPOSED"

  1. I LOVE my Dial-A-Vision glasses. PERFECT for computer. I am very myopic, a -6. So I can’t see past my nose, literally. I wear contacts or prescription glasses.

    However, when wearing my contacts, I have to wear readers for close distances. And I cannot work on the computer with my regular prescription b/c I cannot focus the computer screen.

    However the Dial-A-Visions are PERFECT for computer use. I can adust them to see the distance from how I sit to the computer screen. And then I see PERFECTLY.

    My only complaint, other than they make you look like a total geek, is how the heck do you clean them? The lenses move and it’s impossible to get the middle lenses clean.

    I’ve tried soapy water, etc. After a while, the interior lenses get gunked up from tears, make-up, etc. But I guess they are cheap enough that when they are too cloudy, you throw them away.

    Otherwise, I LOVE them.

  2. It’s totally use less . I recommend not buy . Very poor quality. Plastic frame and lance.

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