Clever Key Review

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What is Clever Key

As per the TV infomercial it is a key-organizing tool which takes away the problems of dealing with jingling, jangling mess of a key ring. It is a smart way of keeping multiple keys intact and even attaches easily to key fobs, USB flash drives, car keys and more.



Organizing keys made easy

Clever Key claims to be an innovative organizer that takes away the fuss and of carrying multiple keys. Though the claims made by Clever Key will be only substantiated once users review it. Clever Key states to recognize the issues of carrying numerous keys in a key ring that includes jingling, jangling mess, keys poking out and hurting, weighing down the pants, etc. Clever Key promises to take away all these in one go with its amazing design that is crafted with excellence. Can Clever Key provide peace of mind while carrying multiple keys? Send us your Clever Key reviews.


Optimal design

Clever Key asserts to come with a design that is well-planned and executed similar to that of a Swiss knife. Just like the utilities are stacked in them, the keys are stacked in Clever Key easily. There are currently no Clever Key reviews available to attest its claims. Clever Key alleges to have a metal base that opens up to place the keys in. Each key is stacked alternatively at the opposite ends. Once done, Clever Key maintains to keep them secure in place with its screws that tighten up and provide a swivel function for the keys to slide in and out easily. Is it really so easy to load and unload keys from Clever Key? We shall know more once Clever Key is reviewed. Clever Key promises to stay scratch and dent proof even after falling on ground due to the use of aircraft-grade aluminum for its body. Such far-fetched claims by Clever Key will be only verified once we analyze the user reviews.

Exclusive features

Clever Key assures to carry 12 total keys in it but we should wait for Clever Key reviews to be sure of its capacity. Clever Key emphasizes that it is so compactly designed that it fits in the pocket quite easily and still keeps space to stow something more. It can also easily fit inside a clutch, purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. Whether it stays true to its claims will be ascertained once Clever Key is reviewed. Clever Key convinces to have a light-weight ergonomic design with smooth edges that don’t poke inside the pockets or weigh down the pants. But how ergonomically efficient Clever Key is will be validated only when users review it. Clever Key alleges to have a built-in metal loop too which helps attach the device to backpacks, lanyards and more. Is Clever Key really this clever? User reviews will soon reveal the truth. Clever Key guarantees that it will change the way keys are organized. The red colored Clever Key sure sounds fascinating but only user reviews can tell if it fares well.


What do I get?

You will get Two Clever Key sets for $10 plus $11.98 P&H.Official website

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  1. Dick Albright | August 14, 2015 at 1:45 pm | Reply

    Compare with KeySafe II on Amazon and ebay. USA-made since 1988.

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