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What is Baseball Diet

As per the TV infomercial it claims to be a ground-breaking diet that’s very easy to follow and does not get boring since it’s like playing a Major League Game for losing weight. The meals are planned considering men and women and are fully customizable by keeping in account ingredients that are easily available in a grocery store.


Dieting made fun – Baseball Diet claims to be an amazing way to change boring diet schedules into a challenging and entertaining one but adding Baseball terminologies to it. At this point though there are no Baseball Diet reviews available to attest this claim. Baseball Diet states that its idea of adding a game for a non-game setting is more motivating for people to change their habit and behavior into eating healthy food. Plus the game challenge keeps people on track over boring diets which most of them give up after couple of days. But this claim of Baseball Diet can be only proved once the Baseball Diet user reviews come out. Baseball Diet emphasizes on its effective approach by revealing that there are individual maintenance plans for men and women. This approach is definitely different from other diets but its effectiveness will be confirmed once Baseball Diet is reviewed.

Habit for a lifetime – Baseball Diet guarantees that anyone following it will make it a habit for lifetime. This claim though is too far-fetched and can be only confirmed once Baseball Diet reviews are out. As per study it takes 21 days to establish a new habit and this is taken into account by Baseball Diet. Baseball Diet states to switch the diet every phase so that there is a metabolic confusing generated in the body in turn shedding weight. How far these phases are successful can be only substantiated once Baseball Diet is reviewed.


Cost-effective practical diet – Baseball Diet declares to be the best diet compared to others that are expensive and difficult to follow. Such tall promises sound too fanciful, only Baseball Diet reviews will reveal the facts. Baseball Diet assures that unlike other diets it doesn’t involve hard-to-find ingredients for making recipes. These ingredients are available in any grocery store which is actually quite promising; Baseball Diet reviews will affirm if it’s true. Following Baseball Diet allegedly does not starve individuals and is not highly restrictive. In fact, people can enjoy all types of foods, even chocolates. Does such a diet really work? Send in your Baseball Diet reviews.


Score and Lose – Baseball Diet asserts to come in three phases – Phase 1 is associated with Innings 1,2,3. In this phase of Baseball Diet the weight loss is jump started. Phase 2 Diet comprises of Innings 4,5,6 breaks the plateau generated from phase 1. The last 3 weeks in Phase 3 of Baseball Diet has Innings 7,8,9 consisting of antioxidant-rich diet to lose more weight and keep it off. These stages sound promising but can be only attested once the user reviews are out. Baseball Diet states that following the diet is like tracking home runs, base hits, four balls and strikes. Also one can start the Baseball Diet along with family, friends and co-workers to compete with them over scoring and losing weight. Baseball Diet sounds too good to be true, Baseball Diet reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?

  • 1 Baseball Diet Phase 1,2, & 3 Diet Plan
  • 1 Exercise Book
  • 1 Recipe Book
  • 1 Budget Friendly Grocery List

Price: $39.95 + $7.95 S&H | Official website:

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