Hurricane Spin Broom


What is Hurricane Spin Broom

As per the infomercial it is a specially designed cordless and lightweight spinning broom. It uses a triple brush technology to thoroughly clean all types of hard floor.



Hurricane Spin Broom CLAIMS

Easy cleaning broom

Hurricane Spin Broom asserts to be a great replacement for the backbreaking traditional broom and dustpan. Hurricane Spin Broom states to be a smartly designed broom that can be handled as a mop to pick up mess quickly and easily. Thanks to its intelligent design, Hurricane Spin Broom promises to be great for all types of hard surfaces. Although there are no currently no Hurricane Spin Broom reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Advanced technology
Hurricane Spin Broom promises to offer easy sweeping and cleaning with the help of its Triple Brush Technology. It comprises of brushes set in to rotate and generate a cyclonic action to pull and collect all the dirt and debris lying in its path. Hurricane Spin Broom further emphasizes to have a no-touch, large capacity bin that can be emptied within seconds. Such fanciful claims made by Hurricane Spin Broom will be only validated once it has been reviewed.


Prominent features
Hurricane Spin Broom guarantees to have an easy-to-use design since it’s lightweight design weighs about less than 2 pounds. Hurricane Spin Broom declares to have a swivel steering for easy maneuverability. Its bristles clean hard-to-reach places such as grout lines, underneath the baseboard and more. Can Hurricane Spin Broom clean hard surfaces such as hard woods, laminates and tiles easily? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
Get your Hurricane Spin Broom today for just $19.99 and FREE shipping and handling!Plus, you can double your order and receive a second Hurricane Spin Broom as well as the amazing Sticky Buddy! It’s the reusable sticky roller that removes hair, lint, and cleans virtually any other surface in your home. And when you’re done, just rinse it clean! Just pay a separate fee of $9.99 | Official Website:


  1. Margaret Pinney says:

    Bought mine from tv deals Tweed Heads.
    This product is useless took mine back as it does not do what is promoted
    No refund as I had used it naturally to find out if it worked.
    It doesn’t better to buy long handled brush & pan which I already have.
    Would not buy anything from this Co again. Gave mine to lifeline hopefully someone will pay $2 as that’s all it’s worth

  2. Vera Clauder says:

    Too many bad reviews. Not a good product. Nothing like the brown and dust pan and then a Swiffer mop (they really work).

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