Full Crystal REVIEW

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What is Full Crystal?

It is a window & outdoor surface cleaner that promises to be the fastest and easiest way to clean screens & windows at the same time!


Full Crystal CLAIMS

Simply add the cleaning crystals, attach it to any garden hose, and start cleaning. Full Crystal proclaims that its secret lies in the fuller cleaning crystals that dissolve dust, dirt, pollen and grim instantly. This claim of Full Crystal will be attested only once users review Full Crystal.

Nothing is impossible with Full Crystal. It states that with the Full Crystal power cleaner you can clean windows up to 27 feet high to keep it spark free and streak free. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Full Crystal reviews will soon reveal the facts.

It also claims to remove cobwebs, dirt and debris from shutters, gutter and over-hangs. And you can use it to power wash patio furniture, boat, truck, RV and more! Does Full Crystal really work as promised? Send us your Full Crystal review.


Full Crystal REVIEW

Terrell Gill, a Full Crystal reviewer states that it doesn’t work as advertised and his screens looked tiled rather than clean. He suggests using a brush and plain water instead and saves money.

Another customer, Jordan Wells asserts in his Full Crystal review that his windows actually started to appeal dirtier after using it. He shows extreme disappointment in it and warns other users against purchasing it.

According to Iris Bass’s review, Full Crystal is completely useless. She had a similar issue with the cleaning ability of the solution since it failed to do anything as shown in its advertisement. She tried using it multiple times to only see soapy residue left behind on the window. Instead of saving her time, she ended up cleaning the window twice.

Laverne McCormick, a reviewer discloses that even though Full Crystal sounds good to reach high windows, it is awkward to use and doesn’t clean very well. It left streaks on the window that required cleaning using a newspaper and vinegar to remove.

A customer, Carole Cooper frustratingly writes in her Full Crystal review that it doesn’t really clean the window and isn’t very high-powered. In fact, it failed to clean or sparked after rising as promised.



Full Crystal Questions and Answers

Q:Does Full Crystal contain ammonia?
A:There is no label of ingredients available on its packaging or a list available to corroborate online. It states to possess general cleaning agents that leave the possibility of a wide variety of agents used.

Q:Can Full Crystal be used in the pressure washer to clean house windows?
A:No. The place where the normal hose is to be attached shouldn’t be replaced with a pressure washer since it can blow the plastic to bits. Full Crystal does throw water from a normal garden hose to a farther distance since it controls the quantity and reach of the water on its own.

Q:How high can water reach using Full Crystal with a regular garden hose?
A:It all depends on the water pressure and the hose used with the system. Some users have found that Full Crystal can reach the second floor with ease but doesn’t have the same spray power as it gives for the lower windows. It still does a fairly decent job of reaching higher altitudes. But in no way, it replaces an actual window washing cycle.

Q:Does Full Crystal streak?
A:Yes, it is known to streak if it is used with hard water.

Q:Does it mean that Full Crystal shouldn’t be used with hard well water?
A:Yes, it is not recommended.


Full Crystal Verdict

Full Crystal is similar to a lot many window cleaners that are available these days to help clean the outdoors, windows at height, and the patio. There are many similar cleaners such as the Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Cleaner that can be attached to a garden hose for easy cleaning. One of the drawbacks that Full Crystal possesses is its unavailability on e-commerce sites such as Walmart and Amazon. This doesn’t really build trust in it while other solutions are freely available on such leading websites along with customer reviews and feedbacks. While there are not many reviews for Full Crystal available, Windex is rated as 3.7 stars out of 5 from 348 customer reviews on Amazon. If users are interested and keen on purchasing something similar to Full Crystal, they should Google or surf e-commerce sites with keywords such as window cleaner, garden hose window cleaner, and outdoor window cleaner. A thoughtful approach should be taken before purchasing anything and hence it is a best practice to go through reviews of other customers first.


Full Crystal price
Buy 1 Full Crystal ™system, which includes, a bottle, lid and one bag of Full Crystal™ powder, for $19.99 plus $7.95 S&P at Official Website:buyfullcrystal.com

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  1. This is the first time I have used your site.
    .Thanks for the reviews! It is time to spring clean the outside of our house, and this looked interesting on TV, but, as most things from “as seen on TV, “ the reviews show this is mostly worthless.

    Your review mentions that this is only available on specific sites, and that makes one suspicious.… Very thoughtful!

    Thanks again for the information! It’s save me a lot of time, some money, and aggravation!

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