Hidden Gems Aroma Candles Review

What is Hidden Gems Aroma Candles –

As per the infomercial it is a scented candle that uses natural oils of the highest grade to do away with tension and stress. The candle assures to also come with a hidden gem, a dazzling ring, as a surprise when the candle has burnt completely.


Scented candles to deal with stress and tension

Hidden Gems Aroma Candles proclaim to be scented candles that will let you sit back and relax and say goodbye to stress in a healthy and rejuvenating way using aroma therapy. But whether these scented candles can really have that effect on you will be known once there are Hidden Gems Aroma Candles user reviews. Guaranteeing to use natural oils of the highest quality and emitting the most pleasant aroma, Hidden Gems Aroma Candles can turn your home into a luxurious spa that will provide the most relaxing time and also please your family and guests, too. Are Hidden Gems Aroma Candles really that great? Let’s judge that after reading user reviews. Hidden Gems Aroma Candles promises to come in scintillating fragrances such as Floral Fruit, Lavender Peach, and Vanilla Cinnamon. We haven’t tried the candles yet nor read any user reviews so cannot corroborate whether Hidden Gems Aroma Candles are really available in such fragrances.

A hidden jewelry inside

Fragrance and relaxation are not where the delight ends if the claims of Hidden Gems Aroma Candles are to be believed. Each scented candle convinces to come with a hidden gem surprise. You allegedly need to let the candle burn completely, snuff the flame out, and let the wax cool down. Then using a pair of tweezers, take the aluminum foil pouch out of the melted wax and place it on a non-burn surface. After the foil has cooled down, open it to get your piece of dazzling jewelry worth thousands of dollars. It sounds too amazing that Hidden Gems Aroma Candles has scented candles as well as expensive jewelry, so let’s wait for user reviews to confirm this. Hidden Gems Aroma Candles declares that the jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity, too. Did you find your Hidden Gems Aroma Candles to be really that great? Do write your user reviews and tell us.


What do I get?

Please see official website hiddengems.ca

11 Comments on "Hidden Gems Aroma Candles Review"

  1. I was so excited to burn my candle and finally get the ring out. What a disappointment. It looks like a little kid hot glued it together.I would never recommend anyone buy one of these. The ring quality looks like something from a 25 cent machine.

  2. C Kristmanson | May 18, 2017 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    I bought 2 of the candles and both didn’t burn properly. One burnt on just one side, the side would not stay lit.
    I don’t think I’ll be buying anymoe

  3. I just got a candle for mothers day from my daughter its cheap its not 925 silver its garbage and a stone is missing it apraised at $10.00 what a rip of ,i will tell everyone not buy from here pay $29.99 for candle and get a cheap ring not my kind of a deal this is not a company that i trust just putting crap in candles;

  4. I was curious and bought myself bath bombs and a candle. Boh arrived in really nice boxes. The bath bombs were of good quality but the candle was cheap looking.

    The pink bath bomb revealed a $10 necklace which is cute.

    The ugly candle burned nicely and in a double, obviously hand wrapped tinfoil pouch was a small ring…..valued at $1350 according to the online appraisal! Tormaline set in rose gold with tiny, tiny diamonds down the sides. Very pretty. Will be taking it to my own jeweler to see what she says.

    Wearing it in the meantime to see if my finger turns green. Haha

  5. Angela lavallee | February 27, 2017 at 2:09 am | Reply

    My boyfriend bought me 2 candles, for valentines day, different scents and styles very nice candles no complaints with them but was very disappointed when both candles had the exact same ring in them and appraisal was $10. He was very disappointed since it was our first valentine together and he knew how bad I wanted one of these candles and we were impressed the same ring in both. I’ve sent comments and emails asking questions about this and no reply. I’m willing to give this company another chance but would appreciate someone to contact me. Thanks

  6. I had a friend by me one of these candles. I was very disappointed it took along time to burn as well. And the scent was so strong. Was disappointed to find a ring only worth $10 very cheap looking. It did fit thou. Think might try charmed candles next

  7. Sheilah Lorenz | January 5, 2017 at 7:39 am | Reply

    Mine took two solid evenings to burn to get to the foiled wrapper. Scent was ok. Ring was worth only $10 and disappointed the size was so small it only fit my child. I’ll keep looking for a better product.

  8. Candle smelt nice and strong took a couple of weeks to get down to the ring because the sent was strong couldn’t burn it all the time. The ring I received was appraised at $100 but it didn’t say what it was made of. It’s obvious it’s not gold and genuine stones but I would expect it to be silver with Cubic zirconias if it’s worth $100

  9. I bought 1 of these candles and after burning it for 4 days and reached the bottom with no ring inside. Very disappointed. Will not purchase this again.

  10. I bought 2 Hidden Gems candles, one for me and one as a gift. I found a pretty ring, valued at $25 in mine. The other I have to my daughter for Christmas. We burned the candle then she dug around a bit. After finding nothing, the digging began in earnest and the end result was no ring and a lot of crumbled wax. She was disappointed for sure but I guess we did get some comedic relief over the ‘excavating’ she did while trying to find the non-existing ring. Won’t buy this product again.

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