Genius Magic Cube


What is Genius Magic Cube?

It is a kitchen tool that helps you chop ingredients into shapes like cubes, pens, slices and many more smoothly in a jiffy.



An exquisite way to Craft your Ingredients

Genius Magic Cube is an innovative grabbing cutting system for veggies, salads, fruits, etc. which lets you craft these ingredients to look like decorative pieces of art. Genius Magic Cube has different patterns designed all its four sides that offers a host of cutting options: With each stroke, new exotic slices can be made as the ingredients turn into stunning cubes, slices, spirals and more. It is promoted as a great way to impress your family and friends as you can make your dishes look really exotic and artistic.


Saves Time and Cuts down Calories too
The creators of Genius Magic Cube proclaim that it chops ingredients really fast and even shrinks calories. This is a statement that probably needs to be substantiated. They even claim that it makes food taste a lot more delicious and the process of cooking seem like a pleasure.


Compact and Easy to Store
Genius Magic Cube is a very handy tool which doesn’t occupy much space, looks sleek and comes with components that are easy to use.



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