Zwoosh Ball Review

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What is Zwoosh Ball

As per the infomercial it is an amazing floating ball game that replaces a football while playing indoors. It provides hours of fun without damaging or breaking anything inside the house due to its disc like floating design that works on all types of floorings.


Play indoors carefree:

Zwoosh Ball states to be a revolutionary solution to playing ball inside the house. Such fancy claims by Zwoosh Ball will be only verified once it has been reviewed. Zwoosh Ball declares that unlike football, which can do a lot of harm inside the house, it can provide hours of fun without the negative effects. At this point of time there are no Zwoosh Ball reviews available that will attest to its claims. As per Zwoosh Ball, it alleges to be better because of its ingenious design and has only advantages over the other game balls. Footballs can damage property, dirty the wall and break things, too. Zwoosh Ball’s assurance of being different will be only known once it has been reviewed.

Floating design:

Zwoosh Ball maintains to be a great indoor companion due to its disc like design that floats over the surface. Zwoosh Ball claims to have a powerful fan that creates a cushion of air that keeps it afloat the surface and glide over very easily. Currently there are no Zwoosh Ball reviews by users that will substantiate its claims. Zwoosh Ball asserts to be designed so thoughtfully that the disc shape does not flip and stays firm on the floor. Again, such a fancy claim by Zwoosh Ball is relative and will be confirmed once users review it. Zwoosh Ball proclaims to have a rebound bumper around its body that specifically helps in protecting the furniture, skirting boards and walls when Zwoosh Ball hits them. Is Zwoosh Ball designed this brilliantly? Send us your Zwoosh Ball reviews.


Exclusive features:

Zwoosh Ball convinces to be very good for any type of interiors because its air flow technology lets it work on any type of surface including laminate, wood, carpet and tiled floors. This definitely is a promising feature of Zwoosh Ball and will be validated once users review it. Zwoosh Ball emphasizes to be designed in a size that is fun to knock and can be played by simply adding 4 1.5V AA alkaline batteries. How well Zwoosh Ball works on the battery and lasts are questions that we will get to know once it is reviewed. Zwoosh Ball states to come in classic football colours of black and white. To help the fun go on, Zwoosh Ball declares to come with LED lights that make it playable at night and find it in the dark. Zwoosh Ball is a promising ball and we shall know for sure once we analyse user reviews. Zwoosh Ball also claims to be great for playing other indoor games like hockey or skittles apart from football. Is Zwoosh Ball really a fun indoor game ball? Zwoosh Ball reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Zwoosh Ball for £9.99
  • Official website:
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