Zevo Insect Spray REVIEW

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What is Zevo Insect Spray?

Zevo Insect Spray is a safe and powerful insect protection kit. The Zevo insect spray is an instant action Bio-selective Dna targeted insect killer. It is a special insecticide that targets the nervous system receptors only active in insects.

Zevo Insect Spray

Zevo Insect Spray CLAIMS

Zevo Insect Spray is a revolutionary bio-selective , DNA targeted insecticide that targets nervous system receptors only active in insects. Does Not contain harmful gases like imiprothrin , cypermethrin , pyrethroids , butane or propane. Zevo Insect Spray kills flies , fruit flies , drain flies , ants , cockroaches and moths.Not only that it also Smells great!Not only that you also get an exclusive 100 % money back guarantee!

How does Zevo work?

You can feel good about using Zevo Insect Spray in your home because we understand what makes crawling and flying insects tick. Our bio-selective, DNA targeted formula quickly eliminates insects by using essential oils that target nervous system receptors only active in insects. That means you can use Zevo Insect Spray around your loved ones and pets without worry. Since you don’t have to worry about what’s inside the can, you can store Zevo Insect Spray throughout the home. That way, Zevo Insect Spray is ready to use whenever and wherever insects appear. Plus, our cans are subtle, so you won’t let the world know you are trying to take care of those pesky pests. With ingredients you can trust and a precision trigger that allows you to spray from a distance with accuracy, Zevo Insect Spray is effective for both indoor and outdoor use.

Zevo Insect Spray REVIEW

Unfortunately the Zevo Insect Spray is not as good as I had hoped it would’ve been. It didn’t kill the roaches .I had to basically use the whole bottle to get very little result.

This product definitely kills on contact, but doesn’t keep ants away. They come right back. The smell is not very strong.Its OK- if you are trying to contain ant infection-In your kitchen window sills because it Kills spiders in their web- It does not kill Roaches if any size or kind-on contact or be carried to their nest– Its pricey- for so little pest control- I had to drown a water bug with this spray in my bath tub- to kill it- Or at least render it helpless so I could get it out & flush it- I won’t even waste it on my flying summer bugs — Not worth the money or time to use it.

How effective is Zevo and is it worth my money?

Zevo Insect Spray Is quite effective, for spiders at least, but takes a hell of a lot to get to them. Really expensive, though. It’s mostly peppermint oil, so might be cheaper to just make you own. Few were having an issue with ants in the kitchen,they purchased this product in hopes of finding a lasting solution that is safe to use around animals. Eco Defense did kill the ants on contact and they felt safe spraying it close to where the pets ate. But the spray did not keep the ants away for very long. They came back after only a few hours and I have been spraying them daily with no signs that they are repelled at all! Almost useless and overpriced for the little amount that it does.

Does Zevo’s Eco-defense really work?

Eco Defense is a safe alternative to toxic insect sprays but hasn’t worked as a repellent for me. Maybe it works better at keeping other types of insects away and you’ll have better luck with Eco Defense than I did. not sure how well this stuff actually works. I think it’s good for small tiny bugs and we’ve sprayed it along door cracks and things to keep them from coming in. However, I also tried spraying it directly on a pretty large spider. Pretty much drenched him and he was totally fine. I think it’s mostly about the scent.

Does Zevo Make Bugs Vanish?

Bugs probably don’t like it so they avoid it .It kills bugs on contact. What The Zevo Insect Spray doesn’t do is PREVENT bugs for too long. 2 weeks after spraying all edges of my walls, bugs were already back. Definitely never prevented basement bugs such as snails, rolly-polies, and centipedes.

Zevo Insect Spray 100% Eco-friendly

I bought this product because it is all natural. I use it but have noticed I continually have to spray to keep the ants away. I like it even though I have to use it a lot.This actually works, but it took several squirts to kill a small roach, it is not toxic. Smells good, natural essential oil ingredients. Safe for use around pets and kids.

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