Zero Hangover Review

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About Zero Hangover

Zero Hangover claims to be a liquid formula that fights the dreaded symptoms of a hangover after a night out drinking. Proclaiming to be the “last defense” against hangover, the formula states to include vital vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B that replenishes the body of lost fluids and helps you wake up fresh the next morning. Zero Hangover declares to have a palatable sweet and citrusy flavor and instead of consuming it throughout the evening that you are out, you just need to take a shot of the bottle after you’re done consuming the alcohol. The US patented formula Zero Hangover convinces to work for anyone and with any alcohol – wine, beer, rum, whiskey or even vodka. It assures to be great for anyone from a young college student to a more senior business executive who’s out having a nice time drinking.


How does it work

Instead of spending your day consuming lime water and eating apples and bananas to beat the hangover, Zero Hangover promises that you just need to consume the 2oz formula before going to bed on the night of the party. The patented formula of Zero Hangover guarantees to break down the alcohol and convert it quicker so that your liver will process it more easily. It alleges that it contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and natural sweeteners in one shot. With these, Zero Hangover convinces to make alcohol more easily and quickly digestible in the body and also rehydrate the body of its fluid loss. Zero Hangover also emphasizes to maintain the body’s electrolytes so that you won’t feel lightheaded and weak the next morning. Zero Hangover states that it can greatly reduce and even eliminate symptoms such as headache, nausea, muscle cramps, dizziness and loss of appetite.

Combat hangover successfully in one ‘shot’

Your night out on the town does not have to translate into a headache, nausea, loss of appetite and a lost day at work because of the hangover the next morning. While you may have resorted to remedies such as taking Aspirin, consuming lots of water, eating bananas and apples, etc. they don’t always beat the hangover and make you feel fresh. But the new Zero Hangover formula alleges that you can now consume alcohol without any regret. If the claims of Zero Hangover are to be believed then it contains ingredients that successfully fight hangover symptoms. Zero Hangover assures to be easy and convenient to use – you can have a party with your friends and enjoy your drinks and end the night with the shot of the formula and forget about the hangover. The formula asserts to expedite the method of making the body process alcohol because after consumption the body needs help in processing the ethanol. Since it allegedly contains magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin B and other nutrients, the formula can eliminate or at least greatly reduce the symptoms of a hangover.


Works on practically anyone

Zero Hangover is a formula that asserts that you just need to consume a shot of 2Oz of the formula to make the alcohol process more easily and rehydrate your body too. Zero Hangover assures that it works on an incredible 97% of consumers leaving only those who metabolically process ethanol slower than the rest of drinkers. But Zero Hangover claims that the minority will still benefit from the formula because the intensity and duration of the hangover will be lesser. Zero Hangover states that a single shot of the formula works for anyone weighing up to 175lbs and those weighing more can consume two shots to get its benefit.


Better than other formulas

Zero Hangover proclaims that there are other solution on the market but they need to be consumed throughout the evening while you are out drinking and they don’t guarantee to eliminate alcohol-induced hangover completely. But unlike them Zero Hangover you just need to gulp down a shot at the end of your drinking session and it will definitely deal with the hangover the next day. Zero Hangover guarantees to work with any kind of alcohol, whether beer, wine, rum, vodka or whiskey so you can consume your poison without a regret regardless of the percentage or ‘proof’ or alcohol in the drink. Along with the great benefits Zero Hangover promises to have palatable taste too so you wouldn’t feel like you’re being punished by consuming medicine. It proclaims to have a sweet citrus flavor that has been flavor-tested. Unlike other formulas, Zero Hangover emphasizes that it’s not just a hangover prevention but a hangover treatment and ensures that you wake up fresh instead of dealing with a hangover when it has already kicked in.


Safe for anyone

Anyone who can consume alcohol legally and medically can safely have Zero Hangover as well, as its manufacturers assert. Zero Hangover maintains that it is a US patented formula. Since it contains essential nutrients and vitamins, Zero Hangover emphasizes that it is safe enough to be consumed two days in a row too and you will be getting rid of hangover on both the consecutive day. Zero Hangover also clarifies that it does not allow anyone to drink alcohol irresponsibly or over consume. It also declares to be easily available at night clubs, alcohol stores and other hotspots. Zero Hangover assures to come to your rescue whether you are a college student celebrating birthday, a business executive out with a client but who needs to report for an important meeting the next day, or just someone making the most of a free deal at the club. The formula promises that you wouldn’t have to walk into a classroom or a meeting looking all groggy and drunk the next morning. In fact, it states that you will be as fresh as any other day when you haven’t consumed alcohol. Zero Hangover is just a 2 Oz bottle so you can easily carry it along with you if you are going to a bar or someone’s house party.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 3 bottles of Zero Hangover for $12.99
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