Zen Salt Lamp Reviews, Complaints and FAQs

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About Zen Salt Lamp

Zen Salt Lamp assures to be a soothing light source that helps get good sleep and provides a peaceful ambience. Zen Salt Lamp claims to be handcrafted from genuine ancient pink Himalayan salt crystal.

How does Zen Salt Lamp work?

Zen Salt Lamp declares that its warm natural glow offers calm and soothing feeling as it heats up. The salt crystal lights up beautifully and also cleans the air and neutralizes odors in the room.

Soothing lamp – Zen Salt Lamp promises to provide a calm and peaceful feeling as nightlight or a lamp around the house. It proclaims to not emit any blue light or other harmful lights that affect the eyes. Did you find Zen Salt Lamp soothing? Send us your reviews. Each salt crystal of Zen Salt Lamp claims to be unique in itself hence no two lamps are the same. There is no way of telling whether the claims of Zen Salt Lamp are true or not due to lack of user reviews.

Adjustable intensity – Zen Salt Lamp also states to release negative ions similar to that of crashing waves and waterfalls to offer a soothing feeling. It also comes with a dimmer that helps adjust the light intensity. Such fascinating claims will be verified once Zen Salt Lamp is reviewed.

Zen Salt Lamp Review

Otis Stephens states in his Zen Salt Lamp review that the picture looks a lot better than the actual product.

Randolph Russell review reveals that the Zen Salt Lamp is a total waste of money. It took him a while to realize that it was melting/leaking. He says that he found liquid dripping down his bedside table and onto the floor. He further adds that it must be dangerous since it is connected to a power cord.

Jeffery Cross in his Zen Salt Lamp complains that he is very disappointed with the Zen Salt Lamp. He says that only a small portion of the lamp lights up, the rest stays dark.

Lauren West mentions in her review” The Zen Salt Lamp works okay but the dimmer stopped working and the bulb blew out soon after using it”.

Robin Burton who bought the Zen Salt Lamp says that the rough cut lamps have a center of gravity that is not centered on the stand. This he says creates a serious tipping hazard, and the lamp weighs over 10 pounds. It has to be positioned so that it is not able to fall over an edge, end table, desk, etc. He further adds that the Zen Salt Lamp can easily kill a small child who bumps a table, knocking the lamp off whatever it’s sitting on. There is no hazard warning like there is on TV’s, dressers for children’s rooms, etc. “If you have small children buy the circular globe version as it doesn’t have the tipping danger” he states.

Carla Webb says in her review that she actually liked the Zen Salt Lamp because it helped to dry her sinuses. However, she says, after 40 days, the 25w candelabra light bulb pooped very loudly and the tabs of the bulb holder that hold the light in the base melted and/or turned into tiny pieces.

Alan Frank in his Zen Salt Lamp review complains that the Zen Salt Lamp produces some sort of sticky clear liquid with salt in it under the base.

Bryan Clayton who bought the Zen Salt Lamp says that he turned it on in the living room and the lamp worked well. When he decided to move it to the bedroom and plugged it in, the bulb burnt out. He replaced the bulb and then the switch did not turn off or dim.

Neil Erickson who tried the Zen Salt Lamp says “It is very nice, but it is not helping against my allergies. Also, it very slowly melts away. You have to put it on a plate or something else”.

Cora Riley in her review states the Zen Salt Lamp is a night light if nothing else. It has no other effects.

Warren Terry in his review complains that “The whole lamp did not light up and was very off center. Zen Salt Lamp is not good quality at all”.

Travis Rhodes is very disappointed with the quality control of the Zen Salt Lamp. He adds “I have been waiting for over a year to order one and the photo looked gorgeous. Unfortunately, mine has a big black blob at the top and it very detracting from the appearance – so much so that I won’t use it. There are also large areas that are white, instead of peach, when illuminated, but they don’t bother me as much as the large blob”.

Another user Delores Ramirez adds that the Zen Salt Lamp is terrible. She also says that the stone was damaged and the dimmer switch didn’t work.

Tommy Morris in his review adds that the Zen Salt Lamp is a beautiful lamp, but the wiring is faulty so had to order a new wiring system.

Zen Salt Lamp Questions and Answers

Q. Is Zen Salt Lamp salty when you lick it?
A. Yes, it’s real salt.

Q. Are these the lamps that are part of the national recall for the shock & fire hazard?
A. Zen Salt Lamp Salt Lamps are not affected by this recall in any way.

Q. Does the Zen Salt Lamp put off a scent?
A. No the Zen Salt Lamp doesn’t put off any scent.

Q. My salt lamps do not sweat. Any reason why?
A. Not sure. Thought it was because of absence of high humidity.

Q. Where is the Zen Salt Lamp manufactured?
A. The Zen Salt Lamp is manufactured in China.

Q. What type of light bulb does the Zen Salt Lamp take?
A. Not sure, but similar salt lamps accept E12 candelabra bulbs.

Q. If there is a humidifier connected to the furnace, will this melt the Zen Salt Lamp?
A. With a room humidifier, the Zen Salt Lamp has been fine! A whole house humidifier shouldn’t hurt it.

Q. Should the Zen Salt Lamp be turned off when you are not in room?
A. Leave ours on all the time. It makes a nice night light in the bedroom. The bulb is very low wattage and should not cause any problems. If you feel more comfortable with it off, then turn it off when you leave. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer.

Q. How long is the cord on the Zen Salt Lamp?
A. The cord on the lamp pictured is probably about four feet. The on/off switch is located on the cord.

Q. Does the Zen Salt Lamp come with information regarding the health benefits?
A. No, it only had care and use instructions (use as in which rooms to place it). It does mention it should be appropriately placed in meditation and therapeutic rooms, but doesn’t say what kind of therapy. As a side note, haven’t noticed any change in my psoriasis or my sleep patterns (it’s in my bedroom), but it is beautiful and relaxing to look at.

Q. Why is my Zen Salt Lamp getting blacks spots on it?
A. The Zen Salt Lamp does sweat because they collect moisture. Try wiping it down with a slightly damp cloth now and then…it is probably collecting mold from the air.

Q. What is the salt crystal’s country of origin?
A. Pakistan/China/India

What do I get?
Zen Salt Lamp just for $19.99+ s&h at the Official website: BuyZenSaltLamp.com | GetZenSaltLamp.com | ZenSaltLamp.com

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