XHose DAC-5

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What is XHose DAC-5?

Xhose DAC-5 is a strong and powerful 25 inch hose that automatically expands up to 3x its length when the water is turned on and shrinks in seconds to compact size when the water is turned off. Xhose DAC-5 has a unique design like no other garden hose!


Durable, Tough and Crush Resistant
Xhose DAC-5 is extremely durable and tough so no matter how many times you run over it, it won’t break. It can withstand even the harshest condition. Xhose DAC-5 features solid brass fittings and superior strain relief collar that are crush resistant.

Kink-Free Design
Its patented design ensures the Xhose DAC-5 never twists or tangles or kinks!

It also never kinks and is wear and tear resistant!

Lightweight Design
Xhose DAC-5 is super lightweight and weighs less than 2lbs. It is perfect for homeowners and professionals.

Featuring a reinforced high grade drag resistant DAC-5 polyester outer layer that is specially woven, the Xhose DAC-5 hose is tougher, powerful and stronger than any other hose!

More Velocity, Higher Pressure
The thick, specially formulated latex inner layer expands to create more velocity and higher pressure. So it’s even more powerful with more force!Order the Xhose DAC-5 today!

What do I get?
Buy the Xhose DAC-5™ today for just $19.95,we’ll send you a 2nd hose, just pay a separate $6.95 fee!
Official Website:dac5xhose.com

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