X Power Mop

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What is it?

X Power Mop is a versatile and flexible mop designed to do an incredible cleaning job anywhere in your home.
The X Power Mop is great to clean from dusty door tops to waterlogged windowsills. So whether the area to be cleaned is wet or dry, low or high, the X Power Mop reaches wherever you need it.




In the traditional way mops are used for wet areas and dusters or cloths are used for dry areas but with the X Power Mop you can do both. It is great to handle both wet and dry cleaning with ease!
With the introduction of microfibre, and advances in design technology, the X Power Mop makes an incredible cleaning tool that can reach anywhere in your house.


Cleans Out Of Reach Areas
The X Power Mop is designed with a handle that extends to 1.2m so you can get up high into alcoves, for cobwebs and hard-to-reach dust. The sturdy handle also makes it perfect to mop floors and clean windows.


The X Power Mop also features a flexible ‘gooseneck’ hinge that twists, bends and flexes up to 240 degrees in any position, allowing you total control and complete contact, from any angle, for maximum cleaning power.


X Power Mop features an ‘X’-shaped cleaning head which allows you to really push the microfibre pads into and around corners, furniture legs, recesses and any nook or corner that ordinary mops cannot reach.


No leaks or spills
Each machine-washable microfibre pad can absorb up to 3x its weight in liquid leaving no room for leaks or spills.
It comes with 4 microfibre pads so you can use one for dirt and dust, and just change the pad for mopping, and then throw them in the wash to be used again and again.
Order the X Power Mop today!


What do I get?
Buy X Power Mop just for only £19.99.

Official Website:jmldirect.com

2 Comments on "X Power Mop"

  1. Handle broke away from head after only 3 times used email jml never got a reply don’t buy not a good company

  2. Just bought for £19.99, but where are my spare pads, as advertised, said it comes with 4 microfibre pads, mine came with just the one. Disappointing!

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