Worx Landroid Review

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About Worx Landroid

Worx Landroid states to be the best of the best lawnmowers available in the market today because of its one unique factor, its automatic. It is an extremely flexible lawn mower that unlike traditional mowers does not need someone to use it for mowing. Instead, Worx Landroid alleges to work automatically on desired timings to keep the lawn a beautiful place to look at without the owner worrying about it.

How does it work

Worx Landroid states to be complete automatic and which is why it simply functions without the need of a human counterpart. It is equipped with AIA: Artificial Intelligence Algorithm which is highly functional program that helps in identifying the lawn and also narrow paths easily. To make it work one has to simply use the intuitive programmable control panel that will feed in all the desired time to work the lawn. Worx Landroid emphasizes that it comes in easy steps for controlling it and is actually pre-programmed for all the major functions itself. All one needs to do is set the boundaries where it can mow, tell it the time when to mow and see the wonderful Worx Landroid at work.

Sophisticated, intelligent system

Worx Landroid states to be extremely precise when it comes to cutting the grass and mow it in a wonderful manner. It does this with its intelligent system which is capable of sensing the landscape and understands what are the parameters that affect the process. It also takes into account the drift and inclination to mow down uneven landscapes. This resolves a lot of issues as several owners are not really the ones with a green thumb to understand how exactly to mow the lawn for it to look beautiful and even. Worx Landroid asserts to mow landscapes which are up to 20 degrees inclined or declined. Worx Landroid guarantees that it is better than any other automated system because it has an artificial intelligence system which helps it to decide how to navigate through difficult paths and lets it to adapt with the lawn. It also senses obstacles very easily. These may include ornaments, furniture, toys, etc. which can be detected via its Shock sensor system. Worx Landroid assures that it senses all these things and avoids them so that no one has to redesign their lawn as per its requirement.

Exceptional features

Worx Landroid promises to be completely programmable with its intuitive keypad that allows to feed in weekly mowing schedule. Its autonomous functioning is the most important feature that has been mentioned over and over. It doesn’t need assessing or constant care since it can perform all the work on itself. Also to suit personal choice and requirements of the lawn, it can be adjusted for the grass length it will mow for and comes in 5 different cutting height positions which can be adjusted by simply rotating the dial on the control panel. Worx Landroid convinces to be independent in its functioning with its feature to come back automatically to the charging station for recharge when it starts to feel low on energy. And weather does not seem to be a hurdle in its way since it does come with a built-in rain sensor. This sensor helps in checking if it’s raining and if the grass is wet. It will stop its operation and will restart only once the grass is no longer wet. Worx Landroid promises to be extremely silent in its operation and hardly makes a noise when compared to what other products have to offer.

Safe and Secure

To add up to its several advantages, Worx Landroid declares that there is a zero emission protocol adopted in it as it runs on a 28V Max Lithium battery. For safety of the purpose and to prevent unauthorized people from using it, there is PIN code system that only the owner can input to control it.

Valuable Nutrients to the lawn

Worx Landroid emphasizes that there is no bag inside it like conventional mowers which needs to be emptied once it is done mowing the lawn. Instead it is designed to cut the grass in a way that it is little so that a mulching system is initiated while mowing. So basically, one can expect it to fertilize the lawn by cutting the grass into small clippings and by depositing it on the soil. In this way Worx Landroid alleges there is an added benefit of fertilizing the lawn and providing it with essential organic nutrients.

What do I get?

Please see official website worx.com

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