Wonder Core Max Review

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What is Wonder Core Max?

It is a new exercise equipment that shapes the entire core of your body with the ultimate precision. It makes your upper middle and lower abs along with obliques look impeccably chiseled and well-toned.


How does Wonder Core Max work?

A revolutionary step forward – Wonder Core Max claims that it’s the ultimate total core workout and a true breakthrough in body sculpting slated to shape parts like your upper middle and lower abs and obliques to perfection. It promises to help you acquire the body and 6 pack abs you desire for real as it also functions as a 6 in 1 machine. Its makers proclaim that it has worked successfully for real people and helps them flaunt a sexy body to date.


Targets the core for unparalleled fitness – Wonder Core Max isn’t like ordinary exercise equipment as unlike them, it focuses on the entire core of your body. That, according to its makers is the secret to achieving astounding results. It can tone the midsection, arms and even legs effortlessly without exerting stress on your body. You can look forward to an energetic, brisk and fun-filled time when you use Wonder Core Max for desired results.


Dual resistance – Wonder Core Max is programmed to function in an extraordinary way, in that it is designed to work your muscles on the way up and the way down beyond 180° as you work out. It offers three resistance level settings- beginner, intermediate and advanced for you to choose from as per your prerequisites.


What do I get?

  • 1 Wonder Core Max Exercise Unit
  • 1 Workout DVD
  • 1 Exercise Guide
  • 1 Nutrition Guide

All this for just $164.80 with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Official website WonderCoreMax.com

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  1. Where can I buy resistance bands for the Wonder Core Max? Also where can I buy replacement resistance bands for the Wonder Core Smart?

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