Wave Blade Review

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What is a Wave Blade?

Wave Blade is a knife that claims to feature a unique design which is wavy on the top and straight at the bottom. The reason behind this is for air to pass freely between the food and knife without creating any kind of friction or pressure. These air pockets of the Wave Blade ensure that slicing food is quick and relatively easy at all times. You might wonder if the Wave Blade knife is really that efficient. We couldn’t be sure at this point of time as we haven’t come across any Wave Blade reviews to authenticate the claims.


How does Wave Blade work?

Wave Blade declares that it is the newest design in non-stick knife technology. Built for versatile cutting ability, Wave Blade calls itself unique. However there are no Wave Blade reviews as yet that can corroborate the authenticity of such a claim. Unlike a cleft knife – widely used in the culinary world which bears a similar resemblance with the Wave Blade, the cutting edge of the Wave Blade knife is straight like a normal knife. The non-cutting edge however features a wave-like design. The purpose behind this design is to allow the passage of air as the blade passes through the food. This in turn reduces friction and pressure so as to give a smooth finish cut. Because of its efficiency, the Wave Blade declares to have won many hearts since its launch. This claim of Wave Blade however seems to be far-fetched and will only be confirmed after Wave Blade is reviewed.

This Wave Blade claims to have set a new benchmark for the cutlery industry and continues to push the design and performance envelope for cutting tools well into the future. Moreover, the makers of Wave Blade guarantee that they will replace the Wave Blade knife if it ever fails. Then, there’s also the 30 day refund policy. What remains to be seen is, will it like any other knife, add to your cutlery collection or will it be a slightly enhanced version of knives that you can pick up at just about any big box store. All we have to do is wait for the Wave Blade reviews to determine the facts. If you know someone who would vouch for the effectiveness of the Wave Blade, do let us know in your Wave Blade reviews.

It has been observed that most of the knives in this category usually garner satisfactory ratings (2 stars or maybe less). The reasons cited for such low ratings is primarily because of three reasons namely not delivering as advertised, made of sub-standard quality and poor customer service. So will Wave Blade live up to the build-up it has created thus far, or will it be a big flop rendered useless in the kitchen drawers? We will just have to wait and watch out for Wave Blade reviews to have a complete settlement on all the doubts.


What do I get?

You get the non-stick Wave Blade and knife sharpener, the Edge of Glory for $14.99 plus $15.98 S&H.Official website buywaveblade.com

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