Viz Car Camera REVIEW

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What is Viz Car Camera? The TV ad says that it’s a security camera for the car that records everything while you drive to help you prove innocence in case of an accident.




Needs design changes – Joey who reviewed Viz Car Camera revealed in his review that his present camera is of poor quality, locks up and has to be reset for every trip. He is looking for a reliable option but thinks that VIZ Car Camera would be an invitation to thieves if you left it hanging on windscreen. You have to plug it into power to run, and is stick on, which means you can’t really hide it in the parking lot. He wishes it was battery powered for a couple of hours and could be removable like SAT Nav.

Difficult to use – Gena who used Viz Car Camera complained in her review that every time she tried to use it in PC Camera or Mass Mode, it was impossible because it has to be plugged to use. You can only use it in car when it’s not plugged in and you turn on hit record and then plug it in. For motion detection you need to go to settings quickly when in unplugged mode, turn on motion detection and start recording before plugging it in. If you have it plugged in, the camera won’t work. She admits though that the video looks good. But the motion capture is 8 feet so if something slams into you, the record delay means it won’t record the first three seconds of it. Another problem she mentioned was it doesn’t read micro SD even when it is snapped in place.

Memory Card Issue – Blaise who bought Viz Car Camera exposed in his review that it works alright for a while and then stops recording. When you press record button it shows “card full” error. He was sure he hadn’t set the files to lock and yet this happened. Formatting SD only helped for a while. You buy the camera because you think it’s dependable, sadly it isn’t It also doesn’t overwrite files like it is supposed to. Of course he can delete them manually but wishes there was a word about it from manufacturers. Sometimes it also records out of focus.

Issues with USB connection – Mel who reviewed Viz Car Camera exposed in his review that the USB cord doesn’t connect to camera properly and unless you hold the connection by hand it keeps draining the battery. The camera isn’t great and doesn’t play videos back either. It didn’t allow access when connected to computer. He stresses that he is tech savvy and still struggled with it. He won’t recommend it to anyone.


Viz Car Camera Claims

Your personal car security camera – Viz Car Camera attaches to the windshield of any car model and turns on automatically when the car is started. It records clear audio with high-sensibility microphone and the lens adapts to light conditions automatically to give clear images inside a tunnel or outside. Viz Car Camera claims to have a powerful night-vision LED to record at night. These features of Viz Car Camera will be confirmed only with user reviews.

Home security camera – It takes photos and you can download videos with a USB cable or memory card. The incorporated motion detector of Viz Car Camera records when you’re not in the car to know who scratched it or tried to break in. Viz Car Camera has self-rechargeable battery and can be used as a home security camera. Write in your reviews of Viz Car Camera.


What do I get?

  • 1 Viz Car Camera
  • 1 Rechargeable battery
  • 1 Adjustable suction cup Mount
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Car charger

Price: £39.99 + Shipping £3.99 at

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  1. Stan ambler | July 1, 2016 at 9:10 pm | Reply

    CAmera was working then switched off tried to restart but only blue record light lights up but mot the screen please advise how to get the screen back pn

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