Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

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Compare what is it good for? Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian and Vitamix Ascent, the two blenders are powerful enough to make quick smoothies, juices, steaming-hot soups, and much more. These blenders are designed with powerful motors to offer a blending with a pulse feature to control the thickness of liquids being blended.

Vitamix Ascent comes with a 64-ounce container that is suitable for large families and gatherings. With 10 different speeds and an ice-crushing power, the possibilities to make beverages with it are endless.


Compare Power: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – It has a 120 V rating and a 2 horsepower motor.

Vitamix Ascent – It functions on 120 V, 50-60 Hz frequency with 12 Amps rating. The blender has a 2.2 peak horsepower motor rating.


Compare RPM: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – No information is available.

Vitamix Ascent – It can go up to 23,000 RPM to deliver powerful blends.


Compare Safety Feature: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – The Explorian model by Vitamix comes with a radial cooling fan to ensure that the motor doesn’t heat up a lot. There is also a thermal protection system in place to protect its motor from overheating.

Vitamix Ascent – This Vitamix machine has a smart sensor that works only when its container is locked onto its base. The motor will immediately stop if the base is pulled off from its place even in the middle of a blending cycle. The sensor is also smart enough to recognize the type of container is placed on the base. It detects whether a 20-ounce container is used or an 8-ounce container is placed. It will configure and show the programs for selection that are only applicable to that particular container.


Compare Speed Controls: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Both, Vitamix Explorian and Vitamix Ascent come with ten variable speeds that offer a chance to decide and refine every texture with culinary precision. These settings are perfect to make the smoothest of purees to the heartiest of soups.


Compare Special Features: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – This blender comes with ten variable speeds that help in getting the right blend and texture out of all the food ingredients. The Pulse feature helps in achieving layers of coarse chops over smooth blends, such as chunky salsas and thick vegetable soups. It cleans easily without dissembling by adding a drop of dish soap and warm water and running it for 30 to 60 seconds. The blender’s 48-ounce container is perfect for blending medium batches that are suitable for small family meals. Also, its 2 HP motor is powerful enough to blend toughest of ingredients including ice and can even make hot soups from room temperature ingredients.

Vitamix Ascent – Apart from the variable speed controls, Vitamix Ascent comes with three program settings – Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts. These programs adjust automatically to the container size and process the ingredients for the right amount of time. The variable speed control and pulse features add extra control over the texture and thickness of the beverage. There is a built-in wireless connectivity available to control the programs remotely and set the right setting and blending time for its motor. A built-in digital timer is helpful in achieving the perfect texture every single time and removing the guesswork from manually processed recipes. The blades on Vitamix Vitamix Ascent are laser-cut, hardened stainless-steel to cut through toughest of stems, seeds, and ice for a great-tasting blend. It delivers hot soups without a stove, frozen treat within seconds, mixes batter and dough, grinds nuts, coffee, and spices, and create silky smooth purees. The lid for this system is clear compared to the black lids of other Vitamix models. It includes snap fasteners that lock on while blending. Apart from a self-cleaning function, all its parts are also dishwasher-safe. The entire system comes with a 10-year full warranty.


Compare Pitcher: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – 48-ounce container

Vitamix Ascent – 64-ounce container


Compare how to clean it? Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

To clean Vitamix Explorian and Vitamix Ascent, one needs to add a drop of dish soap and warm water to it. Attach the base and once it’s locked on, slowly increase the variable speed to 10. Run the machine for about 30 to 50 seconds to clean without the need to disassemble its parts. Once done, rinse and drain all pieces with ease and later wipe them with a dry, soft cloth for reuse.

An advantage that Vitamix Ascent has over Explorian is that its parts are dishwasher safe and can be disassembled and placed in a stress-free cleaning.


Does it crush ice?

Both these blenders can crush ice.


Does it cook soup?

Yes, both can cook soup.


Does it work as a food processor?
Vitamix Explorian and Vitamix Ascent work as a food processor.


Does it make smoothies?
Yes, they both can.


Does it grind coffee?
Yes, they can.


Does it make juice?

Yes, both blenders can make juice.


Does it blend nuts?

Both, Vitamix Explorian and Vitamix Ascent can blend nuts.


Compare Price: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – $ 299.95

Vitamix Ascent – $ 449.95


Compare Warranty: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian – A 5-year full warranty that covers parts as well

Vitamix Ascent – 10 Year standard warranty


Compare Reviews: Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent

Vitamix Explorian REVIEW

Dave Goodman’s Vitamix Explorian review asserts that the blender is very noisy and can be unbearable when used in the highest setting. He also found the container shape to be narrow and a bit tall for storing in standard cabinets.

A Vitamix Explorian review by Carol Burns reveals that at the highest setting, a little layer of grease ends up on the lower base. Similar to other reviews, she too felt that the motor is quite loud and noisy while operating and can be annoying at times.


Vitamix Ascent REVIEW

Doug Graham shows disappointed in Vitamix Ascent since he found it too costly for the job it does. His review exposes that the smoothie setting on the blender works only for fresh fruits. Even after trying to blend other ingredients with the manual speed setting, the motor would simply turn or shake uncontrollably on the countertop without any substantial result. His review also adds that Vitamix Ascent doesn’t really clean easily. Basically, he couldn’t get it cleaned by running a drop of liquid soap and warm water for 30 to 60 seconds as mentioned by the manufacturer.

According to Julie Cole’s review, Vitamix Ascent has a rubber lid that bounces off the hand instead of the previous solid plastic lids. The plastic handle doesn’t feel nice to hold and doesn’t provide the essential grip required to hold the container. The base also has a cheap plastic feel overall and isn’t justified for the price being paid for it.

A review of Vitamix Ascent by Dora Lyons complains that she never got the sorbet as smooth as the recipe book promises to. Although the presets are nifty, they aren’t essential since all the functions can be performed with the manual settings. Her review further adds that the tamper is also a little too short and fails to work well.

One other review of Vitamix Ascent by Ken Lee exposes that the pulse and start buttons are not as responsive as expected and require some pressing down for activation. Another issue that he faced is the unavailability of small-sized containers that can make single person proportions for preparing blends on the go.

Another customer, Rosemary Pierce warns that Vitamix Ascent makes a very loud noise while functioning that can be heard throughout the house. Another problem is that the system is has a matte rubberized part of the casing that attracts dust or hair easily. Even the pour spout runs down the front of the pitcher and leak but is something that can be fixed with a slight design variation.

Tammy Mathis, an Vitamix Ascent reviewer claims that the system might be decent and the functions are useful, it can be a little inconvenient for preparing smaller batches. She also complains that the cookbook isn’t as comprehensive and detailed when compared to other models by Vitamix.

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