VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle Review

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What is VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle:

It is a sleek looking kettle that promises to be highly functional and a handsome addition to your kitchens.
VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle asserts that now you can have top quality power boil kettle that you have always wanted without spending a fortune. There are several kitchen tasks that you wish to be taken care of with efficiency. That’s why you need good quality appliances that are high on functionality and style quotient too. This kettle claims to deliver on both the counts. But we await VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle reviews to make up our minds about it.


Packed with power

Its performance is boosted by PowerBoil technology and 3000 watts at 240 V. As a result it gives you the results you are looking for from your power boil kettle. Your VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle reviews can tell us more about its performance. Some of the other functional features of the kettle include 360 degree powerbase that’s convenient for left and right handed users. The glass bowl of 1.4 ltr capacity also has dual safety system of boil dry and auto shut off. What did you make of these features? We would like to hear about them in your VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle reviews.

Sleek and stylish option

To begin with it has a minimum fill of 0.3 ltr, making it energy efficient. Its lid can be removed completely to clean the gorgeous glass bowl to perfection. VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle reviews can shed more light on that. The big advantage of glass kettle is that doesn’t scale up from lime scale like steel and plastic kettles do. That’s why the beautiful looking kettle in white stays in its best shape for long. VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle reviews can talk about its style element too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle in white for £49.99
  • Official website:
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