Velform Trim for Men Review

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What is Velform Trim for Men?

Are you looking for a hair trimmer that is compact and lightweight and does a perfect trimming job? Now there is an amazing hair trimmer designed to give you the perfect results you want. Here’s introducing the revolutionary and innovative mini hair trimmer, the Velform Trim for Men.

Velform Trim for Men is a mini hair removal system designed to give men the benefit of fast, easy and precision trimming. It is a lightweight and compact trimmer that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Powerful and Accurate Hair Trimmer

Velform Trim for Men is an incredible hair trimmer that is the size of a pen. It even looks like a pen. Small and compact, this hair removal system is both powerful and accurate giving you the perfect trim you need, every time. You are guaranteed to love the performance of the Velform Trim for Men.


The Velform Trim for Men is so versatile. You can use this trimmer to trim your beard, moustache, side locks, and eyebrows. It can also be used to trim the hair on your knuckles. With the Velform Trim for Men you get perfect results with every use.

Easy To Carry

Small, compact and lightweight, the Velform Trim for Men is easy to carry. It comes in a velvet bag making it easy to carry along with you everywhere you go. You can carry the trimmer in your pocket, dressing case, car’s glove compartment, and more. So every time you travel you can take the Velform Trim for Men with you.

Easy To Use Anywhere

The Velform Trim for Men uses one AAA 1.5-V battery (not included) making it the ideal hair trimmer to use anywhere, anytime. You can use it at any place, anytime.

Safe to Use

The Velform Trim for Men is safe to use on skin. It is great because it does not cause any skin irritation. It is also painless, does not cut (you can check it by passing the finger).

Great Looks

Featuring an attractive design, the Velform Trim for Men is elegant, stylish and discreet. You will absolutely love the looks and performance of the Velform Trim for Men.

What it includes

The Velform Trim for Men has an eyebrow shaper / trim guard, powerful advanced micro-motor, cleaning brush and velour case included.

Order your Velform Trim for Men today for fast, easy and precision trimming!

What do I get?

You get Velform Trim for Men for £14.95. Official website

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