Ugly Snuglies Review

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About Ugly Snuglies

Ugly Snuglies state to be plush animals that are super soft and fun. But what alleges to set Ugly Snuglies apart from regular stuff toys is the fact that each animal comes with a hidden surprise that makes it useful to the kids. Ugly Snuglies proclaim that kids can cuddle up with the toys when going to bed or even use them as pillows.



How does it work

Kids are claimed to fall in love with the long and super soft fur of Ugly Snuglies and love cuddling up to them. But what assures to make Ugly Snuglies even better is the fact that there is a hidden surprise in each of the plush animal such as a super soft blanket, light, backpack, pockets, piggy bank, alarm clock, and a radio that make them useful companions for the kids along with being fun.

Super soft plush toys kids

Ugly Snuglies claim to be super soft plush animals that are fun with their bizarre appearances that kids fall in love with. Ugly Snuglies convinces to have long and super soft fur that kids love snuggling up to and cuddling up at night or using as a pillow. Ugly Snuglies declare to have fun animals such as Maniac Monkey, Rowdy Rabbit, Porky Panda, Krazy Kitty, Pouty Pig, Bizarre Bear, and Unusual Unicorn. Ugly Snuglies assure to make the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays or any other special occasion and bring life to playtime, pajama parties, and sleepovers.


Pets with a purpose

The unique stuffed animals Ugly Snuglies guarantee to be more than just toys. Ugly Snuglies promise to be pets with a purpose with each animal having a hidden surprise that is useful for the kids. Ugly Snuglies maintains that Porky Panda has a soft blanket inside that’s great for sleeping and sleepovers and Maniac Monkey has a backpack to let kids carry their belongings. Krazy Kitty of Ugly Snuglies emphasizes to have a light in its tail to let the kid read when it is dark or use it as a flashlight, Pouty Pig has a piggy bank inside that helps the kid save money. Ugly Snuglies convinces that Bizarre Bear has 5 pockets to keep things, Unusual Unicorn of Ugly Snuglies has an alarm clock to help the kid wake up in the morning and Rowdy Rabbit has a built-in radio to entertain the kid at home or on a drive.


What Do I Get?

  • Get your 1st Ugly Snuglies for $29.95 plus $6.95 P&H.
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