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What is UCool?

It claims to be an innovative solution to soothe and wick away the heat from the body. It lowers the body temperature to stay cooler by multiplying natural body’s cooling process.



Stay Cool CLAIMS

UCool claims to be a solution that multiplies the natural, perspiration evaporative cooling process of the body to keep it cool. At this point of time there are no UCool reviews available to attest to its claims. UCool guarantees that works amazingly well without the need of fans, refrigeration or batteries. And above all UCool alleges that one size fits all. Is UCool really convenient as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Smart Functioning – UCool states to have special 31 special heat-wicking superconductive fins that goes around the neck to draw the heat away. It works perfectly well for hot days on job, exercising, outdoor recreation and more. Such farfetched claims will be only proved once UCool is reviewed. It promises that all you need to use it is spray it or soak it in water and slip it on the neck. It has the capability to cool the body and stays about 25 degrees cooler than the body’s temperature. Did you find UCool beneficial? Send us your reviews.

Official website: BuyuCool.com


UCool Review

One customer Hugh Rodman who tried UCool states in his review“Its manufacturer’s website lacks information regarding the material used. It seems like it doesn’t have anti-bacterial property but there is no way to know.”

Amanda Williams who bought UCool reveals in her review“UCool feels cumbersome around the neck. It simply doesn’t work, especially in areas where there is high humidity. It simply feels like a waste of money.”

Madison Nulton mentions in her UCool review“The system itself is more or less like having a cold towel on your neck. Once you immerse it in water and place it, the first five minutes mimic the exact same feeling.”

Charles Leigh mentions in his review“UCool just feels cold in the first 2 minutes due to the cold water you use to soak it in which also wears off rapidly. It is better to wear a wet towel instead or a bandana to keep you hydrated. Plus those things don’t look as dumb as wearing this big collar around your neck.”

William Richardson states in his UCool review“uCool doesn’t fit well and is not at all comfortable. UCool band presses against various nerves and tendons to make it unbearable after few minutes of use.”

Reagan King who purchased UCool writes in her review“uCool isn’t a great personal cooling system. Once soaked, it starts to leak all over the neck. It’s also highly uncomfortable to wear since it seems like a little smaller for larger neck sizes.”

Alyssa Brown an UCool user comments in her review“UCool is highly pricey as compared to similar products available at lesser costs. In fact, it is cheaply made out of plastic and is way overpriced for its quality. There is no proper information available and neither does UCool exist in any store.”

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  1. All these reviews are total BS, possibly even illegal, the first shipment of uCool’s hasnt even arrived in the USA yet, and yet look at all these people claiming to have used it !!!!

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