Twinsport Pro Review

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About Twinsport Pro

Twinsport Pro is a dual solar motion sensor LED spotlight that provides bright light in your home, driveway or yard while minimizing carbon footprint and saving money. Twinsport Pro assures that you just need to mount it and switch it on and forget about it; it works with light sensors that automatically switch the light on or off at the fall of dusk or at dawn. Twinsport Pro asserts that its pivoting head has endless adjustable possibilities.


How does it work

All you need for Twinsport Pro to work is the sun. The solar panel on the top of the unit charges the rechargeable batteries that power up the lights. After charging the Twinsport Pro in direct sunlight for 24 hours for the first time, you just need to mount it and press the ON/OFF button. The light sensors of Twinsport Pro state to switch the light on automatically when dusk falls and switch off automatically too when it’s dawn. Twinsport Pro charges with solar energy every day so you do not have to worry about using electricity or changing batteries.

Powerful dual spotlight

Getting spotlights for indoor or outdoor use is expensive because of the electricity bills it runs up to. Not to mention all the wires and tools you require to install them. But now Twinsport Pro claims to be a dual solar motion sensor LED spotlight that requires no electricity to work on. The dual spotlight is powered by the solar panel on top of the unit. What’s more, Twinsport Pro also assures that there’s no need to call a professional or to get any heavy duty hardware tools out to install the light. It assures to fix easily and in just seconds on a flat surface with just a screwdriver and its mounting bracket. Once done, you allegedly need to just press the On/Off switch and Twinsport Pro will work on its own, automatically switching on when it’s dark and switching off and when it’s morning again.


Bright enough to light driveways and yards

Twinsport Pro convinces that its 14 eco-friendly LEDs are so powerful that they can light up the driveway or yard, indoors and more other areas very easily. The pivoting bracket of Twinsport Pro guarantees to give you endless adjustability with each of the two spotlight rotating in 180 degrees in any direction to let you illuminate any area you need. Twinsport Pro emphasizes to weigh less than a pound so it is very easy to install the dual spotlight without the use of wires or tools. The dual spotlight Twinsport Pro maintains to be eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint and save money since it only works on solar energy.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Twinsport Pro for $119.99+$3.99 S&H.
  • Official website:
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