Twinkle Clay REVIEW

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What is Twinkle Clay?

Twinkle Clay is a princess studio set that claims to let you turn sparkly clay into everything you need to be a princess! The sparkly clay lets you make 10 beautiful and sparkling creations fit for a princess: fabulous princess, crowns, wands, jewelry and more!

Twinkle Clay

How does Twinkle Clay work?

Twinkle Clay alleges it’s easy to use! The roller and stamper stations make it easy to create magical princess creations with Twinkle Clay. Put a ball of Twinkle Clay through the roller to flatten, stamp a crown or star with the stamper, and decorate creations using two double-ended decorating tools. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyse Twinkle Clay reviews.

Twinkle Clay Princess Studio alleges its air dryer magically dries creations in 30 minutes with the push of a button, or you can leave creations overnight to fully dry. When your creations are dry, you can use them for endless princess play. This claim can be validated once Twinkle Clay reviews come out.

The Twinkle Clay Princess Studio makes a great gift for creative and imaginative girls!

Twinkle Clay Review

Twinkle Clay advertisements promise you loads of fun time with your kid. However, this fancy-looking product does not seem to fulfil any of the claims made. Here we bring you an honest review of the product that summarizes the experiences of the users. Let’s have a look at the Twinkle Clay Reviews and feedback given by the customers.

The Twinkle Clay Reviews provided by the users are quite disappointing. Most of the Twinkle Clay Reviews share that the product is simply a waste of time and money. One of the Twinkle Clay Review states that the clay is more like chewing gum; it is quite sticky which makes handling it quite difficult especially for the kids. The Twinkle Clay review says that though the makers claim that the clay dries in thirty minutes, it takes hours to dry and just when it dries, it breaks leaving you and your kid disappointed.

Our Verdict

The Twinkle Clay Reviews make things quite easy for you. You should not pick this product for it is a waste of your money. Your kid will be more disappointed when the clay will not work. Playing with the clay can turn out to be quite tacky, and it has an unusual smell which is not at all pleasing. Most of the users do not recommend buying it.

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