TV Hat Review

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What is TV Hat?

It is an innovative video viewing headgear-like accessory which allows you to view any films, clips and more privately. It can be connected to digital video players, iPod, iPhone, Droid, Mp3 player or Zune with cords for you to see videos inside confidentially.



Completely private and hands-free gear

TV Hat is an exceptionally smart accessory designed as your very own private theater in which you can watch anything anywhere in complete privacy. You may call it a portable entertainment system that you can wear on your head like a cool headgear attached to a box-like attachment which doubles as a screen. It is designed like a visor smartly provided with inlets and ports to connect a range of gadgets like digital video player, iPod and more in. When connected to your video viewing gadget and worn over your head, switch it on to instantly begin viewing any videos in secrecy. It promises utmost privacy and assures that nobody around will know what’s on your compact yet extravagant theater-like personal screen. The promoters of this unique entertainment system guarantee that once you put it on, you’ll be in your own world with no one even getting a hint of what you are watching.


Watch anything without worries or awkwardness

Those who wish to watch something very private like XXX rated movies, streaming adult videos and more can do it anywhere with TV Hat on. One can also view Netflix, favorite sporting events, a movie or shows without letting anyone know what you are treating yourself to. TV Hat claims that it is programmed to keep everything you watch on it strictly to only you. This unique theater system is also immensely useful at home as you can watch anything you like in your partner’s company without causing inconvenience to her or him. If you have kids at home, it will come in handy as you can spend time with them in front of the T.V. while they enjoy their shows and you simultaneously have your personal theater on.



Simple and efficient mechanism

The makers of TV Hat further state that using it very easy and completely reliable too. All you have to do is wear this hands-free accessory and just sit back to watch the videos you want. It can be easily connected to the gadget you store your videos as it facilitates perfect access points to all the cords. You can use TV Hat while traveling, on the airport, beach or just about anywhere when you have time to kill. It is compact enough to be stored and carried around in your pocket, purse or backpack. It comes with an HD video magnifier and a protective vinyl to maximize your entertainment experience as per your choice and pace. And if you’re interested in knowing this, TV Hat was originally created for astronauts to view training videos in the outer space without moving around much. However, since this concept is now extended to wider use and purpose, you may as well give it a shot.


What do I get?

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