TV Glasses

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What is TV Glasses – A new type of spectacles that helps you watch TV, read or play games from distance or different angles clearly. TV Glasses can also be fixed over reading or prescription glasses.


Lets you watch TV even from 90 degrees angle

TV Glasses is launched as an innovative, new pair of glasses targeted to attract couch potatoes or those who have to do work at a distance from the TV to save time. those who read or play handheld games will also find it useful for clearer viewing. The glasses, it is claimed, allows you to see things very clearly at 90 degrees, which means you don’t have to struggle to see things clearly.

Optical mirrors to reflect views from different angles

TV Glasses uses high-quality optical mirrors that adjust the view from even 90 degrees angle. Apparently it works a bit like a periscope by using mirrors. The light bounces from a mirror that is placed at 45 degrees in the main body of the glasses, and then out to a person’s eye. The glasses are made from a soft-touch plastic and also enable comfortable horizontal viewing without distortion.

Useful for disabled too

TV Glasses makers assure you that it can even be worn over reading or prescription glasses too. It fits the regular glasses easily so that everyone can enjoy hi quality viewing from different angles and distances. Even disabled people who can’t move around much would find it useful.

Not just for viewing TV

TV Glasses, you are told, also help you ready, study, play handheld games and even do other work in total comfort.

Perfect way to indulge yourself relaxing in bed

TV Glasses can really help you wind down and relax by watching your favorite shows or read a book comfortably. It might not have been possible earlier, but now with this sophisticated pair of glasses, you can really indulge yourself and still be comfortable. TV Glasses promise now there’ll be no more straining of eyes or neck for perfect viewing.


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