Turbo Tiger Sweeper REVIEW

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About Turbo Tiger Sweeper

Turbo Tiger Sweeper states to be a 360° cordless spinning sweeper that picks up the smallest debris like fine sugar effectively. It guarantees to be super quiet and weigh less than a pound.



How does Turbo Tiger Sweeper work?

The triple turbo sweeping action of Turbo Tiger Sweeper proclaims to generate a cyclonic whisk as the three rapid rotating brushes pick any big mess or small speck.


Cordless spinning sweeper
Whether a big piece of bread or broken glass, Turbo Tiger Sweeper promises to pick it all up in one sweep action and leave the floor barefoot clean and safe. Baseboards and side moldings are a breeze to clean with Turbo Tiger Sweeper’s side bristles extending beyond the sweeper. However, there are no Turbo Tiger Sweeper user reviews to prove this.


Maneuverable in any direction
Turbo Tiger Sweeper alleges to have an inbuilt dust pan that empties by lifting, opening and dumping. Its sturdy but lightweight pole states to give great control. Turbo Tiger Sweeper user reviews will verify these claims. The 360° swivel head of the sweeper allegedly offers maneuverability in any direction and the handle folds flat to go under furniture or cabinets. Send us Turbo Tiger Sweeper if you found it that great.


Turbo Tiger Sweeper REVIEW

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review states that it was a blunder buying it, mistaking it to be electric. Turbo Tiger Sweeper is a waste of money that only picks up dust and nothing else.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review reveals that it’s easier than lugging the vacuum cleaner around. However, it picks up nothing. Cat hair collected into little felted balls and stayed on the floor, as did the crumbs. Turbo Tiger Sweeper is disappointing.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review says that it’s is the worst thing ever bought and doesn’t pick up anything on wood and tile floors. On the contrary, it deposits the dirt from one place to another.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review states that it is just passable and does not quite meet the expectations basis the reviews and the price. It was bought just to clean wood floors and area rugs between weekly vacuuming. Turbo Tiger Sweeper seemed to do a good job initially, but turned out to be dislikable after using it further. The sweeper scatters debris instead of picking it up and needs multiple passes to work.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review claims that it works well on uneven tiled floors and low nap carpets up to ¼”. But the flawed design of the handle attachment prevents it from doing anything more that in spite of the adjustable carpet nap dial. The handle comprises just two thick pieces of metal wire that snap into slots on either side of Turbo Tiger Sweeper. The handle pops out of the slots and needs gentle bending inward and snapping back in to use on a dense plush carpet or irregular nap carpet, even if the highest nap setting is selected. Turbo Tiger Sweeper barely manages to pick up large bits of paper or pull fine materials out of tight corners. On using Turbo Tiger Sweeper in office, it didn’t pick up paper and struggled with ½” nap area rugs. On cleaning up spills in the kitchen and around the waste area, Turbo Tiger Sweeper didn’t reach into tight corners and only pushed fine materials such as coffee and flour around. Turbo Tiger Sweeper is now used to pick up pet hair, large crumbs, and dust bunnies, which it effectively grabs. Turbo Tiger Sweeper doesn’t work as well as the other sweepers that could handle normal and plush carpets but couldn’t manage to clean corners. Money should not be wasted on Turbo Tiger Sweeper unless there are a lot of dust bunnies, pet hairs, crumbs and uncarpeted floors. Turbo Tiger Sweeper is a good sweeper for in-between vacuum cleaning sessions.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review opines that it’s better to get a good broom and mop if one only wants to pick up dust, little messes or fine particles between vacuums.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review asserts that it is handy, but not adept at picking up dog hair. It would have been great if the sweeper cleaned small rugs in a home with mostly wood floors. Turbo Tiger Sweeper is disappointing.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review opines that as a non-electric sweeper, it is just about okay and does not pick up the stuff completely on first pass but is good enough for picking up stuff quickly.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review calls it out for not being as good as advertised. One would rather spend money on something that really worked.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review points out that it’s not effective for use with pets; the brushes were jammed with hair immediately.

Turbo Tiger Sweeper review warns that it’s not impressive on hardwood floor and one should save their money. Turbo Tiger Sweeper pushed dirt around more than picking rubbish up.


What do I get?
Turbo Tiger Sweeper costs $19.99 + $7.99 P&H. You can add a second unit for another $7.99 P&H.
Official Website:buyturbotiger.com

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