TRX for Golf

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What is TRX for Golf – It claims to be a series of workouts to help golfers perform better.



TRX for Golf Features

Swing Right – TRX for Golf asserts to be an innovative training program by Golf Performance expert Trevor Anderson. TRX for Golf claims to help develop strength, power and efficiency during the game. More will be known once TRX for Golf is reviewed. Exercises such as row to press, golf swing, lunge with rotation, backswing hold with squat, and rapid response impact helps in improving mobility, stability and develop coordination to play the game at optimum health. Did you find TRX for Golf impressive? Send us your reviews.


TRX for Golf Workout

TRX for Golf Workout claims to be a master-mix of workouts with Rip and suspension training for attaining a golfer’s health and strength.

Become a pro – TRX for Golf Workout convinces to help enhance your overall golf game by providing a complete workout designed by Trevor Anderson. It helps in perfecting shots and improving endurance for the game. Such farfetched claims will be validated once TRX for Golf Workout is reviewed. TRX for Golf Workout declares to have Suspension and Rip training with Multi-Modality session in 60-minutes workout. TRX for Golf Workout assures to deliver stability, mobility and improve coordination; user reviews will expose the truth.


TRX for Golf Suspension Trainer Workout

As per the infomercial it is an exercise series to help clean up the backswing for golf players.

Suspension training – TRX for Golf Suspension Trainer Workout guarantees to help build stability and mobility in the upper and lower body to improve your golf game. Although no reviews yet prove what TRX for Golf Suspension Trainer Workout claims. TRX for Golf Suspension Trainer Workout states to have 8-exercises performed in 15-minutes on the TRX suspension to clean up the backswing. TRX for Golf Suspension Trainer Workout by Trevor Anderson is yet to be verified by user reviews.


TRX for Golf Rip Trainer Workout

As per the TV infomercial it is a workout routine with Rip trainer to improve coordination and rotational strength of golf players.

Drive the ball far – TRX for Golf Rip Trainer Workout promises to help enhance coordination and rotational strength in golfers to drive the ball farther. There are no TRX for Golf Rip Trainer Workout reviews yet that will attest to its claims. TRX for Golf Rip Trainer Workout alleges to possess 6-exercises in 10-minute workout by Trevor Anderson to dramatically improve the user’s golf game. TRX for Golf Rip Trainer Workout reviews will soon reveal the facts.


TRX for Golf Bundle

It is a bundle of workouts and gear to train the body for improving a golf game and health.

Total golfers package – TRX for Golf Bundle asserts to be a blend of training equipment and 60-minute workout module. It helps in setting up workout at home or gym to improve the golf game. TRX for Golf Bundle reviews will reveal the truth. TRX for Golf Bundle guarantees to improve posture, perfect a swing and keep body healthy with Suspension and Rip training equipment with door anchor with lightweight carrying bag. More clarity will be achieved with TRX for Golf Bundle reviews.


The TRX For Golf Workout Bundle includes:

  • TRX Home Kit
  • TRX Rip Training Basic Kit
  • 60 minute TRX for Golf instructional video for Suspension Training, Rip Training and Multi-Modality
  • TRX for Golf downloadable workout PDF
  • Six Downloadable Suspension Training Workouts
  • Rip Trainer Exercise Booklet
  • 2 Additional 30-minute Real-time Rip Workouts

Price: $289.95 at

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