True Touch Review

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About True Touch

True Touch claims to be a five finger de-shedding glove to groom your pet’s coat without causing pain by harsh metal bristles. True Touch proclaims to mimic the affectionate touch of your hand and comforts the pet with a massage. The glove asserts to keep your house clean by minimizing the pet’s shedding. True Touch assures to work great on cats and dogs of all sizes whether they have long, short, or curly hair. True Touch maintains to be easy to clean as the shed hair can be peeled and thrown away easily.



True Touch Review

Roswell Butler who reviewed the True Touch de-shedding glove mentions in his review that Overall, it is a draw. True Touch removes tons of pet hair, but does not capture it effectively. So it may make the pet more cool and comfortable, but as far as having fur all over the house, that’s not a big improvement over just letting the cat shed the old-fashioned way.

Rose Brown states in her True Touch review that it thoroughly misleads the consumer. The True Touch glove does not pick up one single hair from a dog or cat. It is better to go back to using a damp towel-it works so much better than the glove! It’s really a shame that a company can scam honest people.

Lisa Button too is not much happy with the True Touch gloves. In her review she says “It is next to impossible to get the hair off of the True Touch glove. It doesn’t peel off like the picture states, or like it advertises. You have to pull the hair off in pieces. The True Touch glove also creates a static electricity that causes the hair to kind of fly off it, while you are petting the cat, causing the hair to go into the air and all over your shirt.”

Corey Williams reveals in her True Touch review that like the other products (priced less than True Touch), the hair removal from the dog was minimal. Even if you try running the True Touch glove over your dog in different directions it doesn’t work, it will only agitate your pet. On a positive note, the True Touch glove works well on rugs to pull any dog and human hair, dust bunnies, into a small pile to be easily vacuumed up.

Samantha Carney reveals in her True Touch review that with True Touch cleanup is not as easy. The hair seemed to be clustered up in several areas. With a brush you will be able to pull the hair up with one sweep of a paper towel but with True Touch, it took a few attempts to get all the hair.

Pat Simmons is happy with his True Touch, in his review he says it is helpful especially in the two times of the year when your dog sheds the most.

Charles Brindel elaborates in his True Touch review that your dog will really love True Touch too. It does remove hair. Unlike the Furminator, this glove does not produce an instant urge for the dog to flee under the nearest piece of furniture. True Touch glove is hard to put on, the velcro clasp at the wrist is hard to open, and the wrist hole is a bit small and the globe size is large. Secondly, the glove is hard to clean. The dog hair does not easily come out of the mitt. One needs a thick mat of furn in the mitt before it becomes easy to pull the hair out, and by that time, the mitt is not working as effectively. Finally, the True Touch mitt creates a sort of fur shadow. Besides for the fur that gets onto the mitt, a trail of fur comes out and does not stick to the mitt, making for a rather messier bit of grooming than one can do with the Furminator.


True Touch Question and Answers

Q. Does True Touch work on furniture too?
A. Yes and no. Greyhound hair (dry, fine hair, short) on short-napped fabric (ultra-suede)-works great. Rottweiler hair (coarse, oily, longer) on fuzzier fabric (whatever our sofas are made out of) – doesn’t work very well.

Q. Can you use True Touch in the bath?
A. It is not recommended.

Q. Is it possible to order a left and right hand True Touch glove?? I have a large German shepherd and would like to be able to have gloves that fit women’s hands.
A. The manufacture only provides 1 size and for right handed only.

Q. Will True Touch work on a short haired Boxer?
A. Yes.

Q. I have a long-haired cat. Does True Touch work well on undercoat?
A. Not sure about that.

Q. I have a dog with 6 inch long hair. Would this work effectively on his coat?
A. True Touch works on a long haired better than a brush. Your pet will feel you are just petting them. It works fine.

Q. Would True Touch be at all useful with a maltipoo? Not for hair removal but to prevent matting?
A. It should work. You pet will probably not be as upset with this glove as they are with a brush.

Q. Does True Touch work on huskies?
A. Yes.


How does True Touch work?

Unlike traditional grooming brushes that are ineffective and hurt the pet making them run away, True Touch states to be gentle on their coat. It convinces to have 180 soft silicone grooming tips that reach deep down through the coat and loosen and lift away hair, dirt, and debris off of it just like a magnet. This declares to minimize shedding thereby keeping you and your house clean. True Touch emphasizes to mimic real human touch that the pets love to get from their owners and the pet is guaranteed to get a soothing massage from you.


Groom your pet without hassle – Every pet owner loves their pooch or kitty but it’s the hair that they shed that’s annoying. It gets everywhere from your clothes, carpet, sofas and linen and is impossible to get rid of completely. And when you need to groom the pet’s coat, they run away from you because traditional grooming tools such as combs, brushes, and metal tools rip, pull, and tear their skin. But now the innovative de-shedding glove True Touch promises to let you groom the pet without a hassle or trouble to either. True Touch convinces to gently, effectively and quickly remove the de-shedding hair without causing pain to your friend on fours. Any pet loves being petted so they wouldn’t know that they are actually having their coat groomed when you use True Touch.

Reaches all the hair hides
True Touch proclaims to have a five finger design that contours to reach all the difficult to reach hair hides such as under the legs, inside the ears, under their chest, on the tail, and even around the face, which is a risky are that could annoy the pet and make them snap. So True Touch guarantees that you can de-shed their hair from anywhere without any fear. It is assured to be just as easy to get the de-shed hair off True Touch as the loosened hair can just be pulled off and thrown into a bin. True Touch also declares to massage and stimulate the skin with all the silicone tips so that the top coat becomes shiny and healthy. Whether you have a lap dog or a German Shepherd or any breed of cat with short, long or curly hair, True Touch guarantees to eliminate the de-shed hair making the house healthier and cleaner for you and also the pet.


How to use True Touch

Wear and adjust the five finger True Touch shedding glove using its hook and loop fastener. Start the grooming and de-shedding by running the glove over the pet’s coat. Brush in the direction of fur growth to ensure you get optimal results. It’s efficient in reaching places such as around the face, under the chest, behind the legs and tail where hair generally hides. Once done, simply lift the hair from True Touch’s grooming area for disposal. Repeat process in case of heavy coats. Wash True Touch gently under warm water with mild soap or detergent. Ensure that your pet doesn’t chew it while grooming.


What do I get?

You get Two True Touch and pocket lint roller for $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H.Official website


How to Use True Touch Gloves

5 Comments on "True Touch Review"

  1. Mary Stevens | April 13, 2018 at 4:39 pm | Reply

    This is the best item in my pets basket it’s a daily go to almost, I’ve used it regularly for a year and a half going into my 2 shedding season of shedding of 4 🐕 and 3 cats 🐈.
    They love it and fight to be first when I put it on, get the true touch brand bc I used cheaper ones but in a few years I’m hoping I’ll pay the $14.99, Hey Truebrand send me a backup and I let you know when I have to open it . 😀 don’t hurt to ask with 4 dogs 3 cats 2 grandkids 1 husband I have too.
    PS this is the first review I ever wrote on any product.

  2. Moofman The Cat | June 30, 2017 at 7:25 pm | Reply

    I’m a very fluffy cat and it works really well for me. Even peels of the glove!

  3. TrueTouch glove doesn’t live up to how it’s advertised I’m very unhappy with this glove for hair removal I believe it would have to be impossible to get results shown on TV or bo

  4. It doesn’t work. I have a persian and a long haired border collie and I can get more hair off of them running my fingers through than the true touch can

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