True Lips Review

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About True Lips

True Lips is a moisturizing lip balm that declares to adapt to the natural skin tone of the wearer. It maintains to moisturize and smooth the skin of the lips and also changes the color to suit the natural color of the lips. True Lips claims that just one application of the lip balm keeps lips hydrated and looking natural pink throughout the day.

How does it work

Unlike lipsticks made from different waxes, fats and oils, True Lips proclaims to be a lip-enhancing and reactive lip balm that changes the shade and tone depending on the PH level and natural coloring of your skin. True Lips convinces to contain Shea butter to keep lips soft and moisturized and Hyaluronic microspheres that adapts to the skin of the lip automatically thus picking the color for you. The lip balm states that you just need to apply it once and it will keep your lips hydrated and supple all day long.

Lip balm that changes color to suit natural skin color

Usually zeroing in on a lipstick that would suit your skin and natural color of your lips needs picking out from hundreds of shades and you still don’t find the perfect one. But now the lip moisturizing balm True Lips guarantees that it will choose itself for you so that you do not have to spend time searching for a suitable color. You just need to apply the lip-enhancing and reactive lip balm True Lips and it changes the shade and tone of the lips depending on the PH level and natural coloring of the skin to be the perfect choice for you.

Single application lasts all day

True Lips promises that it takes just one application to keep lips moisturized and smooth for the entire day so that you do not have to touch it up again. The lip balm emphasizes to leave the wearer’s lips looking and feeling luscious. True Lips convinces to have Shea butter extracted from the African Shea Tree that keeps lips hydrated and Hyaluronic microspheres keep lips looking the user’s personal pink and also plump.

What do I get?

You get True Lips for £9.99.Official website

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