Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

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What is it? Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
It is a compact skin maintenance device you can easily hold and perform dermatologist recommended microdermabrasion treatments yourself to achieve youthful and fresh looking skin.

It’s an innovatively designed at-home skincare appliance that guarantees results that professional microdermabrasion treatments bring about.


How does it Work? Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
The following procedure is to be carried out to perform the skincare treatment with Trophy Skin MiniMD:

Step 1 – Cleanse and dry your face before starting the treatment.
Step 2 – Connect the power adapter into the wall power outlet. The LED light on the power adapter should be switched on.
Step 3 – Press and hold the power button to turn the Trophy Skin MiniMD on. Its button/ power level light will glow, which indicates that the appliance is now working on Low power setting.
Step 4 – Press the power button once again to set the suction level to High. Start with Low Suction Level for the first few uses so your skin gets familiar with the treatment.
Step 5 – Roll the diamond tip of Trophy Skin MiniMD on the skin with the suction motor running. This tightens the skin and delivers treatment to difficult areas where it is often a bit loose, like the nose, below the jaw and around the eyes.
Step 6 – Continue with the movement against the skin with smooth, even motions with the diamond tip. Take care you don’t stroke any area more than two to three times.
Step 7 – Use this procedure to treat areas on any part for up to three times per week. You may use the higher power level if you feel comfortable.

Follow the procedure given below to treat your skin with PMD:

Step 1- Wash and dry the skin area to be treated.

Step 2- Try using the white disc on your arms or legs before using it on your face.

Step 3- Pull your skin tight so that PMD is able to navigate over the target areas smoothly.

Step 4- Glide the appliance briskly in an upward motion.

Step 5- Apply toner and moisturizer on your skin post treatment for optimal results.

Step 6- Wash the cap and filter thoroughly after use.


What to expect Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
Freedom from clogged pores: Trophy Skin MiniMD provides microderm treatment that guarantees it cleans out pores completely, leaving your skin softer and restored.

Growth of new skin cells: Microdermabrasion facial performed up to thrice a week stimulates generation of new and healthy skin cells that make skin look younger and smoother.

Silky, blemish-free skin: Regular treatment carried out by Trophy Skin MiniMD also makes the skin look silkier that’s totally free from which is free from blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduced Skin Problems: Roughness of skin, acne, scarring, uneven skin texture and dullness are also brought under control noticeably by this treatment.

For younger and healthier skin: PMD claims that if it is used weekly, appearance of blemishes, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced permanently to make skin look youthful and smooth..

Perfect for exfoliation: The device comes with exclusive Patented Spinning Discs embedded with aluminum oxide crystals, which exfoliate dead and dull cells from the skin. It leads to rebirth of fresh, new cells that add a youthful glow to skin.

Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction: PMD also performs its special Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction, which helps it carry out microdermabrasion treatment. The suction boosts circulation and initiates the skin’s natural healing process, which boosts collagen and elastin that tightens the skin and imparts a fresh and healthy glow to it.

Treats skin at deepest levels: The device effectively extracts the top layer of dead, dull skin cells, which allows beauty products to get absorbed twenty times deeper into the skin. It maximises the effect dramatically and leads to softer, smoother and healthier skin.


Features: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
(1) Compact and handy design: Can be used by anyone, even beginners and yet create desired results.
(2) Salon-quality results at minimal cost: Trophy Skin MiniMD is ideal for microdermabrasion treatments, which is performed right at home, so costs very less as compared to what beauty professionals charge.
(3) Lightweight and portable
(4) Functions with two levels of vacuum suction
(5) Treats skin with 100% crystal free professional diamond exfoliating tip
(6) Simple and uncomplicated design
(7) Contents: Diamond tip, 30 pack of black wool filters and 100-240V power adaptor and user manual.
(8) Comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty.

(1) Functions like a professional microdermabrasion treatment and yields same results
(2) Simple, hassle-free function that makes it ideal to be used by anyone
(3) Minimal cost
(4) Top-notch quality: It employs the same technology that top-ranked beauty appliances costing thousands of dollars do
(5) Uses aluminum oxide crystals that provide the same results that costly sessions with specialists and professionals create
(6) Reduces signs of ageing: It does away with dead skin cells, reduces age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It also guarantees best results when the treatment is combined with use of a gentle cleanser, toner, and cell renewal cream..
(7) Comes with two different sizes of disc attachments for two different grits for exfoliation.
(8) Effective vacuum action: It gently draws the skin into the rotating disc that brings a rush of blood flow and collagen to the surface and then ejects the thin layer of dead skin cells. It results in passage for rejuvenation creams and serums to delve deeper into the skin and work more effectively.
(9) Benefits: Beautifies and improves dull skin texture, softens and eases fine “expression” lines normally present on forehead and around the mouth, polishes and reduces other signs of ageing and sun damage, improves complexion and treats skin discoloration, acme, enlarged pores and burn marks.
(10) Contents: One personal microderm, five exfoliating discs- two green and three blue, one electric cord, one facial cap, one body cap, one recyclable filter
(11) Also includes an instructional CD and a pamphlet.


Technology: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
• Microdermabrasion technology
• Uses 100% crystal-free professional diamond exfoliating tip

• Patented spinning disc technology
• Vacuum suction method to treat skin problems and make skin healthier


Treatment Area: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
It is devised to be used on face, neck, chest and any other part safely.

It can be used on face and larger areas (separate caps and discs are prescribed for treatment based on parts and area)


Treatment Time: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
It is to be used for five minutes on the face alone. Caution is to be exercised to ensure one area is not stoked more than twice. Average time taken for treatment for other body areas such as chest, hands, legs and scarred areas is a little longer.

It takes up to three minutes for PMD to provide its treatment. Instructions are issued to begin the treatment with the white training disc that is to be glided along the skin briskly without applying excessive pressure. Care has to be taken that the device covers a spot not more than once in each session.


Treatment Duration: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
It takes five minutes per session. The treatment is to be carried out twice or thrice a week.

It is to be used once a week.


Time taken to see results: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
Promoters of Trophy Skin MiniMD claim that its users notice a difference right after the first treatment though improvement may be seen in varying degrees for different users. Over time, every user has reported a noticeable difference in their skin after starting the treatment with this device. Many users tend to notice a pink or reddish ting on the skin post treatment, which just indicates that its suction treatment is making the body circulate blood to the necessary layers of the skin.

After eight to 12 weeks, treatment taken every week as prescribed, PMD begins showing the results one is looking for.


Hazards Involved: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD
Its makers guarantee there are no hazards with use of this device.

It comes with a guarantee from its creators there are no hazards involved with it.


Price: Trophy Skin MiniMD vs PMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD

£ 159.00



Trophy Skin MiniMD

Customers who have used Trophy Skin MiniMD have written in stating their experiences with regard to its. One person has said that Trophy Skin MiniMDworked quite well the first time she used it, but in the second session, its suction didn’t have the energy it should. She’s afraid that using the device in this state could lead to sagging skin and create more wrinkles, so she’s unsure about what she’s going to do.

Trophy Skin MiniMD has evoked a similar response from another customer. She says the device was alright the first time she tried it but the second attempt wasn’t what she’s expected. She stopped it midway as she found the suction working only on skin that’s very loose. She’s concluded that Trophy Skin MiniMD isn’t for her.

Another user has complained that Trophy Skin MiniMD didn’t do anything about her hyperpigmentation and scarring problems. In fact, they seem to be getting worse. She’s also experiencing irritation on her skin even though she used it on low setting.

One more customer has said that she’s not able to use Trophy Skin MiniMD on her forehead. And its suction doesn’t work because its tip doesn’t seem to contact the skin completely. She isn’t convinced that the dead cells are sucked by the device as it claims to do; she has to wash her face and scrub to remove them from her face.

Others have also expressed their dissatisfaction and said that Trophy Skin MiniMD didn’t make any difference and instead hurt their skin. They say it’s not gentle on the delicate areas also. Even the diamond tip is rough and scratches the pimples that results in blood oozing out of them; they say this isn’t what they had bargained for.

Quite a few other users also said that the suction power is too weak, and other contents like thick pads that it comes with don’t really do anything. They often find their skin turning red.

Trophy Skin MiniMD doesn’t even come with instructions, and functions of all the parts aren’t mentioned or demonstrated. The users feel that the makers should have taken care of these areas better.


Some customers who bought PMD to for skin treatment have complained that whenever they use it, their skin turns dry and leaves lines behind of the surface, which look very unsightly. One customer has said that she’s fed up of replacing disks every now and then. Worse, it doesn’t seem to do anything good and leaves red marks behind. The suction of PMD, instead of cleaning the skin gently, seems to scrub it hard, which causes immense discomfort. If one forgets moving the instrument without pausing, some kind of injury is sure to take place.

PMD has drawn similar responses from other disappointed customers. One of them has even said that PMD gave scalded marks on her cheeks while she was using it as per instructions. She advises anyone having even a little sensitive skin to stay away from it. Another customer has said that the disk left injury marks on her face, which were not very visible but could be felt by her as rough lines.

PMD isn’t very good with its suction power either, as per some customers who found it too mild. One of them has written in that it lost suction within a few months because she feels that the device couldn’t adjust to the facial contours properly. A customer has said how she feels that the suction seems to suck the skin in very intensely. Even following the instructions doesn’t help. Her chin was injured badly and she took more than a month to recover. She says she’s junked the instrument for ever. Others also say that that purchasing PMD was a mistake and has been a total waste of money.

Quite a few users have also said that using PMD doesn’t work as a microdermabrasion instrument nor makes any difference to dark spots, pores and scars. Its disks don’t work as they are supposed to. It’s very rare that it doesn’t suck the skin too powerfully and rarely a session ends without any injury to the skin. And it’s especially troublesome for certain parts with more sensitivity. Overall, most of the customers are of the opinion that PMD isn’t doing what they bought it for and that they are feeling cheated.

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