Tough Trimmer REVIEW

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Tough Trimmer CLAIMS

Tough Trimmer features 8 powerful spring loaded stainless steel blades that claim to cut through even the toughest weed but they retract when they come in contact with hard objects like fencing and rocks. The Tough Trimmer claims to give you a precise trim right up to the edge. According to the claims, the Tough Trimmer’s universal attachment takes only seconds to install on your existing trimmer and it is even reversible, so you can transform any grass trimmer into the “Tough Trimmer”.

The Tough Trimmers claims to be lightweight yet tough so you can get any job done twice as fast. The specially treated stainless steel blades never need sharpening and are guaranteed to last for the whole season. The Tough Trimmer claims to be way ahead of the traditional flimsy plastic trimmers. The Tough Trimmer claims to be even better than the Weed Wacker that costs $150 but still uses the flimsy plastic threads. The Tough Trimmer comes with a 1 year blade replacement warranty.

Tough Trimmer REVIEW

We have analyzed several Tough Trimmer reviews and here are the pros and cons:

Tough Trimmer Pros

Suited for light tasks.
Better than the plastic line trimmer heads.

Tough Trimmer Cons

The most noticeable feature of the Tough Trimmer is the “8 stainless steel blades” that obliterate weed but retract when they encounter a hard object, now lets see if this feature really works in the practical world.

  • Not a branded product.
  • Compatibility Issues: This is the most common complaint about the Tough Trimmer. Though they claim that the Tough Trimmer head fits most of the weed trimmers, it might not fit on all and every grass trimmer, you might want to validate it with the Tough Trimmer manufacturer before you buy it.
  • There is a danger of the head coming off the trimmer, while in operation if the head does not fit the weed trimmer well – this can cause serious damage/injury.
  • Does not work that well on tall grass. Tall grass winds around the shaft and causes it to heat that melts the plastic housing. You have to stop and remove the grass around the shaft manually every-time it happens.
  • May overload your trimmer – see the specs of both the trimmer and the Tough Trimmer head.
  • Not suited for heavy-duty work. If you have really big yard than the Tough Trimmer is not for you.
  • Overuse can send the Tough Trimmer head flying. After prolonged use the plastic housing softens and does not hold the screws and bolts securely, so give it a rest after a moderate use.
  • Available only at the Official website:
  • Returning the Tough Trimmer is not hassle-free. You still have to pay for the S/h to ship Tough Trimmer back to the manufacturer


Weed trimmer head with stainless steel cutting blades is nothing new, there are several stainless steel blade trimmer heads available out there and here are few that we think you should consider before making the decision to buy the “Tough Trimmer”.

Tough Trimmer Alternatives

  • Grass Gator 4680/4600 Brush Cutter
  • WW Brush Cutter
  • Rino Tuff 3-Blade Brush Cutter Head

What do I get?
1 TOUGH TRIMMER for $39.99 at

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