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What is Total Painter?

As per the TV infomercial it is a high-powered professional power paint sprayer that can provide an easy painting, staining or water sealing. It is lightweight and delivers professional results with its superior power, speed and performance. Total Painter claims to be an advanced and quickest way to paint walls, closets and more that provides flawless coverage along with less consumption of paint.


Total Painter Claims

Paint professionally – Total Painter guarantees to be the most reliable and professional grade power paint sprayer that provides amazing results. It states to be much better over other paint sprayers in terms of quality and performance plus it saves cost of hiring a professional to the job. Total Painter does sound like a great buy but we shall know more once we analyze its user reviews.


Painting around house made easy – Total Painter, the latest introduction by the creators of the vastly successful Paint Zoom, has been launched as a revolution that’ll transform the way you’ve painted your home and around till date. According to them, it can paint entire rooms in a jiffy and uses very less paint to yield total paint coverage in a single turn. It’s a completely new painting method that claims it can make the cumbersome process of painting so simple, quick and flawless that you’ll be amazed.


Brilliant features, scope and performance – Total Painter boasts of an exceptionally sophisticated design, 900-watt spray gun, interchangeable and adjustable dial 3-way nozzle that allow you to cover surfaces instantaneously, change spray pattern (from horizontal to vertical to pinpoint) and keep messiness of dripping paint at bay. It also has a comfortable shoulder strap and lightweight framework for convenience and support while working. Its promoters state that one coat of Total Painter is all you need for desired results without use of traditional implements like brushes, rollers and sprays.


Versatile and Proficient – Total Painter promises great results when used for textured walls, ornate surfaces, furniture and also fencing, corners, doors and more besides toughest jobs. In addition to that, it has three spray patterns that add an edge of uncomplicated style and can even stain and carry out water sealing.


Advanced design – Total Painter alleges to have industrial grade painting capacity due to its high driving, high performance 900-watts power that sprays evenly over any surface. At this point of time there are no user reviews available that will attest to its claims. Total Painter promises to be unique because its powerful nozzle has a 3-way target sprayer with a wider spray pattern that helps in covering larger areas in very little time. It even proclaims to have interchangeable paint container with airtight lid to keep the paint fresh for months. Furthermore, Total Painter claims to have a design with compact construction grade chassis. Currently there are no Total Painter reviews available which will substantiate with its claims.


Total Painter Features – Total Painter asserts to have a design that not only has superior power, superior speed and superior performance but all of these features are bundled in a compact design. Total Painter declares to be handy, ultra-light and easy to hold so that anyone can practically use it to paint like a pro. More shall be revealed once we receive user reviews for verification. Total Painter maintains to be highly user-friendly with its size and a convenient shoulder strap that keeps it in place while painting process. This helps in using the whole system with ease at home. It has a sturdy construction and can last for years with its durability feature. Total Painter convinces to be great for painting, staining and even water sealing. Any claims made by the sprayer cannot be believed upon or denied as there are no user reviews available yet to justify the same.


Total Painter REVIEW

Eugene Hobbs mentions in his Total Painter review“The Total Painter sprayer stopped spraying after the first use. The Total Painter sprayer is not clogged, as it shoots air, it just won’t spray paint.”

Robert Miller complains in his review“Total Painter has a very horrible finish. It says it’s great for chalk paint but you have to strain the paint before use.”

Harry Gilmore complains in his Total Painter review“Total Painter failed to work after five minutes of spraying thin lacquer and the motor will not stop when the trigger is released.”

Ronald Williamson mentions in his review“Total Painter sprayer will not work with thick viscosity paint or with ceiling paint and adding water to thin out the paint is counter intuitive to the reason you bought thick paint. Total Painter sprayer leaks, will not spray very well on horizontal surfaces (ceilings floors) and clogs so easily. Total Painter is a complete waste of time to use.”

Linda Kendricks states in her review“Total Painter sprayer started leaking a lot. After checking the spray nozzle, cleaning the unit, straining the paint, it still leaks. Also the Total Painter unit ran really hot.

Jimmy Philips elaborates in his review“Total Painter does not give you what you pay for. The Total Painter electric sprayer was bought to paint a custom wall unit with all wood construction, two 3′ high base cabinets, and two 6′ high bookshelves tied together with horizontal planks. After testing the sprayer and following the manufacturer’s instructions. 1. If you are painting something vertical, say the exterior of the wall unit and not the shelves or inside of the cabinet, this sprayer would have been fine. 2. The required spraying and tilting (no more than 45 degrees) of this sprayer wasn’t a joy, rather a frustrating hindrance to work with. When you tilt the gun, the sprayer goes from spraying paint to spitting paint. When you tilt the sprayer, paint will leak out of the paint cup. You will have to constantly use paper towels to contain the mess. 3. The gun’s tube, maybe 6″ long at most, constantly plugged like a bad artery, requiring constant cleaning. The “fast” job of using a sprayer was not to be. You will not save anytime in the least, rather you will be adding time to your day. A 2-hour job with the sprayer could take you more than 6 hours to get the job done. In closing, if you had a door to paint, this gun would be fine. As for being an all-around good sprayer for multiple tasks, the Total Painter is not even close.”


Total Painter Question and Answers

Q. Can chalk paint be used with the Total Painter?
A. You can use chalk paint with the Total Painter. Use a mesh strainer every time you use the Total Painter to make sure there are no particles that can clog the nozzle. It is not advisable to use the un-sanded grout version with the Total Painter.

Q. The cleaning instructions of the Total Painter say to remove the brass cover over the needle and the needle itself to clean it. I can’t see how to remove the needle.
A. There is no need to remove the needle. Just make sure you run cleaning agent through it to clean needle-also make sure to clean out holes on each side of paint tube that goes into sprayer body.

Q. Can Total Painter be used indoors?
A. Yes, the Total Sprayer can be used indoors. Just make sure you cover everything that you don’t want to spray.Also cover more, because the Total Painter spray will likely exceed your expectations of where it is going to land.

Q. I have 22 shutters on my house to paint. Is the Total Painter sprayer too small? Will I need to refill often? Also, will acrylic latex paint work?
A. Using the Total Painter on tables and chairs worked great. It is not too small, you will just need to refill it with that many shutters! You can use acrylic latex Ben Moore paint with a viscosity cup.

Q. Can you paint ceilings with the Total Painter?
A. No, although the Total Painter has an adjustable direction stem you will not get even coverage with the Total painter.

Q. Do you need an air compressor to use the Total Painter?
A. No, just plug and play.

Q. Using the Total Painter for the 1st time, there is only air coming out, not the water I’m testing with. What could be wrong with the Total Painter?
A. If the Total Painter is blowing air, then the motor is working. Make sure you have the fluid container screwed in tight and that the uptake stem is also seated tightly. Also check to see that the spring-loaded disc behind the nozzle is seated correctly. The springs face inward.

Q. Can the Total Painter spray down?
A. Yes, the Total Painter can spray down.

Q. What is the minimum amount of paint needed in the bottle or will it spray all the paint in the bottle?
A. Total Painter needs to have at least a third of paint in it to work.

Q. Do you have to clean out the sprayer between coats? My can of paint says that the re-coat time is 2 hours. Can I re-coat sooner?
A. If the can says to wait 2 hours to re-coat, then it’s probably too thick to use straight out the can. You’ll probably have to thin it as per instructions. The thinner the paint, the less time you’ll have to wait. The instructions say not to leave paint in the sprayer for more than 30 minutes. So if it’s a big project, like a whole room, then you might get away without having to clean it. If your paint is thin enough to pass the test in the instructions, and if you think you need 2 coats, then I would clean between coats.

Q. Has anyone experienced drippings on the product post spray?
A. When the paint is thinned to spray properly, using the supplied viscosity cup, several light coats are required. Drips and runs only happen when too much paint is applied on that coat.

Q. Does it leave a lot of paint mist in the air when you use the Total Painter?
A. Moderate.

Q. Does the Total Painter spray on its own, without a compressor?
A. Yes, just plug the Total Painter in to an extension core and get to work.

Q. How do I remove the lid washer from the Total Painter to clean it?
A. Try cleaning the brass nozzle where the paint comes out.


What do I get?
You get 1 Total Painter with interchangeable paint container plus 2 Total Painter Extra Containers + Lids for £59.95 plus £3.99 Shipping.Official website

Total Painter is also available in the U.S. for $99.99 at

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  1. Whats the power supply ??? 110 volts or 220 volts ???

  2. I have a total painter after several use…paint coming out in the trigger parts and can’t prevent dripping of now i did not used instead painting more area .dripping paint in the trigger cant prevent

  3. I have used the Total Painter successfully. At first I was frustrated because it splatters paint all over and you have to cover with used carton box the surrounding area to catch the splatters. The secret is viscosity. I tried adding water to the Latex Paint (water base). The ratio is 1:1. One part of the latex paint mixed width the same amount of water.

  4. henry gonzales | November 26, 2016 at 8:27 am | Reply

    can it use to acryllic for cars?

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