Tone Tee Fitwear Review

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What is Tone Tee Fitwear?

Tone Tee Fitwear is a compression shirt for men that claims to be specially designed to give a more shapely appearance by flattening their problem areas like the mid-section and eliminating love handles and flab. Tone Tee Fitwear asserts that it gives a seam-free look on the front and back while giving comfortable mobility to the wearer.


How does Tone Tee Fitwear work?

To get a slimmer and fitter look instantly, the men’s shape wear Tone Tee Fitwear states to have a 360 core compression panels that work on their problem areas. Tone Tee Fitwear emphasizes to have a blended tapered tone technology whose patented stretch panels are designed in a way to compress with complete comfort. Tone Tee Fitwear promises to keep the wearer cool throughout the day with its breathable and open air fabric that allows the hot air to escape.


Great shape for men instantly
A lot of men suffer from flabby mid-section and back fat that beats their confidence. Tone Tee Fitwear claims to come to the rescue for all such men who want to look fitter instantly. Tone Tee Fitwear is a compression and shaping garment for men that maintains to be patent-designed to give them a more streamlined appearance and better physique. Tone Tee Fitwear assures that it flattens the tummy and makes pectorals appear firmer. Tone Tee Fitwear also emphasizes to streamline back fat and eliminate love handles.


Complete comfort along with shape
Unlike other shapers available for men that look unsightly, Tone Tee Fitwear states that its seam-free 360 degree core compression panels make them appear leaner on the back and in front. Traditional compression wear also makes them feel bulky, Tone Tee Fitwear states that it is comfortable to wear throughout the day with its breathable fabric. Tone Tee Fitwear declares that whether you want to look fitter in a formal shirt or a skin fitting tee shirt, you can choose from a Tee or Tank style accordingly. Tone Tee Fitwear states to come in black and white Tee and Tank to go with dark or light shirts or tees.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 2 Tone Tees of the same style (1 x Black, 1 x White) for $19.99
  • Official website:
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    1. Danny Dela Pena | March 9, 2015 at 5:27 am | Reply

      Where in the United States particularly in California can I buy Tonetee?

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