TOMI Review

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What is TOMI

It claims to be a personal putting system that trains golfing enthusiasts and pros about the aesthetics of putting and trains them to get the perfect stroke every time. It is created by world famous golf instruction, Marius Filmalter.


Golf lessons from a pro

TOMI proclaims that golf is a game of patience and practice and to master it one would require a lot of practice under a world class trainer. But trainers are hard to find and personalized lessons by many trainers is not enough to judge how well one can put. In fact, a good putter is someone who gets an analysis on the shot and understands the motions better. TOMI is asserted to be the brainchild of a master putter, Marius Filmalter who is a renowned name in the golfing circle as a world-class putting instructor. He is a pre-eminent authority when it comes to learning and understanding the mechanics and psychology of golf. He has also helped in instructing golfers on the PGA, Champions and LPGA Tours with a personal study of over 43,000 putting strokes in his career span. This is the reason why TOMI claims to be a perfect system for every golfing enthusiast who wants to learn from a pro to become a great putter.

Complete instructional system

TOMI guarantees to help in putting the right way by telling how well one is doing at the stroke and what is going wrong with it. It also helps in telling how to fix the shots and provides different drills to help getting the stroke better and with time a perfect one. In fact, TOMI is stated to be so efficient that it will catch the flawed stroke angles and motions that can go unnoticed many times by even expert eyes. So it is declared that TOMI does not just provide a mechanical aid for putting right but also provides a psychological aid too. This helps in generating a trustworthy and repeatable stroke that is assisted by TOMI keeping in mind the most vital aspects of putting.


Salient Features

TOMI, the optimal putting instructor convinces to help golfers apply better strokes and is a great help for coaches to coach students with its assist. It takes cares of various aspects of putting. When it comes to evaluating distance TOMI recognizes the Shaft Angle, Impact Spot, Speed at Impact and Stroke Tempo. The direction is also evaluated by TOMI and it is stated that it considers a host of things to do so. It registers the Alignment at Address, traces the Path at Impact, checks the Stroke Path & Rotation and measures the Alignment at Impact. Plus the advanced system used to create TOMI is allegedly so intelligent that it gives a real-time feedback regarding as per the most critical parameters it measures the putting stroke with just like a personal instructor. The instant feedback of TOMI is declared to come with more options like printing the stroke report and/or emailing the stroke report to keep a track of progress.


What do I get?

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