Titan Peeler Pro Review

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About Titan Peeler Pro

Titan Peeler Pro claims to be a revolutionary peeler and slicer that can cut peeling and slicing time by half. The peeler has twin-action blade on both sides that can peel on one side and julienne on the other side. Titan Peeler Pro states to peel, grate, slice, shave, shred and garnish with its inbuilt garnish feature. Titan Peeler Pro assures to slice hard and soft ingredients just as perfectly.



How does it work

Traditional peelers peel and slice the ingredients in a single direction because of which they are slow and unproductive. Unlike such peelers, Titan Peeler Pro convinces to have a twin-action blade that works great in both directions. Since Titan Peeler Pro states to move in upward and downward directions, you can peel ingredients in half the time. The micro blades on both sides of Titan Peeler Pro emphasize to be ultra sharp, made of 100% stainless steel and sharp and durable enough to even slice wood.

Peel and slice ingredients in half the time

Eating and serving healthy and fresh food is something everyone wants to do but peeling, chopping and slicing vegetables and fruits is an arduous and time-consuming chore. But, the revolutionary Titan Peeler Pro promises to let you peel and slice vegetables in mere seconds. The blades of Titan Peeler Pro are alleged to be sturdy enough to peel the skin of potato and yet so gentle that it can even peel the skin of something as delicate as a tomato. Thick skins like zucchini, eggplants are guaranteed to be peeled with Titan Peeler Pro as easily and evenly and finely as kiwis and bell peppers.


Also great for grating, garnishing, shredding and shaving

Titan Peeler Pro maintains to give you even peeling every time since it grips well and does not slip. Not just peeling, on flipping the peeler Titan Peeler Pro proclaims to julienne, grate, garnish, shred and shave just as efficiently and give you heaps of ingredients quickly. Titan Peeler Pro states that you can make colorful salads or healthy stir fry in just minutes. Not just vegetables and fruits, Titan Peeler Pro asserts to also slice cheese and also shave chocolate. Titan Peeler Pro declares to be so sturdy that they will never break and the stainless steel blades will never dull. Titan Peeler Pro emphasizes to be dishwasher safe so cleaning it is no hassle either.


What do I get?

You will get two sets of Titan Peeler Pro for $10 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website titanpeeler.com

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