The Happy Wand

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What is Happy Wand – A vibrating personal massager that can be used to spice things up in the bedroom romance.


Happy Wand is a vibrating massager that is said to have a unique revolutionary design that can become a part of your regular sexual life. Shyness has been part of womanhood since forever and it might be difficult for you to let your partner know of your feelings or try something exciting to satisfy yourself. This is where Happy Wand claims to help you by satiating your inner desires. It is touted to be the best way to achieve orgasm for women who generally cannot during regular intercourse or when alone. Unlike other adult toys that are available in stores Happy Wand is said to provide the best pleasure safely.


Premium Design

Happy Wand comes across as a simple shaped pulsating massager whose unique design is very important when it comes to perform most basic functions of a vibrator. It also hosts a rechargeable battery with outlet adapter provision for ease of use in the bedroom. Happy Wand has two simple buttons that operate the primary functions of power on/off and control the vibrating speed. It is claimed that Happy Wand’s body is made from high quality medical grade silicon which is safe to use and at the same time very ease to clean.


Superior Functionality

It is branded to function perfectly when used to stimulate the nerve endings of the intimate part by producing a wave of sensation which pleasures and satisfies any woman who uses it. Happy Wand supposedly achieves this functionality really well since it has a total of 5 different speed settings that can be controlled according to personal taste and pleasure level.


Additional advantages

Happy Wand claims to be more helpful than just a pleasure toy due to its superior design and settings. It claims that its 5 different speed settings and handy design can be used as a massager to relieve pain and strains on any part of the body.


What do I get?
Buy the Happy Wand Vibrating Massager for just $69.99 + S/h. Official website

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