The Drib Review

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What is The Drib?

Are you tired of messy spills from drinks on your clothes? Do your kids often have drink stains on their clothes? Do you love sipping coffee while on the go but hate that it spills and spoils your clothes? Now there is an incredible and easy way to protect your clothes from spills and stains.
Here’s introducing The Drib. The Drib is designed to protect your clothes from coffee, tea and soft drink spills.
The Drib features an absorbent fabric front and a wet-resistant back. The front is top weighted in the shoulders so that it sits comfortably and safely without slipping. The perfect design makes The Drib very simple and easy to wear.
The Drib is the perfect way to protect your clothes from spills from drinks and remain completely stain-free.


Prevents Spills While On the Go

The Drib is amazing, helping you save your clothes from spills while on the go! You can use The Drib while you are driving, at the office working at your desk, cooking a mouth-watering meal or standing at your kitchen sink. You can use The Drib for just about anything. The Drib is so great you will love that your clothes remain completely stain-free.
The Drib is great to wear to protect your clothes from any kind of spills from food and drinks. Simply keep The Drib handy and use it anytime you want to. It is a great way to stay stain-free! The Drib is what everybody needs while having something to drink while on the go.

Great for adults and children

The Drib is perfect for both adults and children. Use it on your kids to help them remain stain-free. Designed in a variety of colors, The Drib is great to keep handy to protect clothes from spills on yours and your kids’ clothes.


Use Anywhere

You can use The Drib anywhere. Simply keep on handy and use anytime you are having a drink. Use it while you are driving, use it at the office while working at your desk, and use it while cooking up a delicious and tasty meal or while standing at your kitchen sink.


Available Colors

The Drib is available in a variety of colors.
The adult size colors are: red, navy, dark green, light blue, light gray and khaki.
The children size colors are: orange, hot pink, royal blue and khaki.
Your child will simply love The Drib because of the fabulous colors it comes in.
Order The Drib right now and never have another spill on your clothes from food and drinks!


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