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ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com is a website that has been created to help users gather information, post opinions about online businesses and take part in forums. Whenever we say, “us”, “we”, “our” or “ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com” we are referring to our site. “You” is reserved for our customers and those posting content on the site.

Our website is offered to you with your acceptance of our terms and conditions as well the notices mentioned below. We would like to inform you that when you use our website, you are at all times bound by the “Agreement”. That said, we request you to read the Agreement thoroughly to ensure that you understand our terms of use. You are also requested to periodically check our website for any modifications that we may make solely on our discretion. Your continued use of the site will be seen as your acceptance to all our terms and conditions.

Website Use
Given your use of the website, it is warranted that
a. Information offered by you is accurate, current and complete.
b. Protecting your ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com account will be your sole responsibility.
c. You should be 13 years or older to register for an account with us and contribute to the site. We knowingly do not collect information of anyone under the age of 13. We maintain the right of denying access to our site and services on account of any reason, including violation of the Agreement.

Prohibited Activities
The content and the information on ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com, including and beyond messages, data, information, text, icons, software, code or other material, music, sound, photos, graphics, video, maps and the infrastructure used is proprietary to us. The information including software, products, or services cannot be modified, distributed, performed, transferred, published, licensed, sold or resold.

By accepting our terms and conditions, you also agree not to:
a. Use the website or any of its content for commercial reasons.
b. Use robot, spider, scraper and any automated or manual processes without permission, to gather or copy information and content from the site.
3. Violate information in robot exclusion headers or bypass measures used to limit or prevent access on the site.
4. Take actions, which according to us, puts an unreasonable load on our infrastructure.
5. Deep-link to any part of the site without prior permission.
6. Frame, mirror or incorporate any part of the website without prior information.
7. Translate, modify, adapt, edit, de-compile or reverse engineer.

Use of Interactive areas including reviews and comments
We like hearing from you and when you submit information on our site, be it in the form of questions, reviews, comments, suggestions and more, you give ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com and its affiliates nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, and irrevocable and fully sub licensable right to modify, adapt, translate, distribute, create derived work and publish or publicly display and perform submissions all over the world in any media, use the name given along with the submission. ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com can choose to attribute your comments and suggestions to you. You also grant us the right to pursue by law, anyone who violates our Submission rights by breach of agreement. You agree to the fact that submissions are non-confidential and non-proprietary.

There are several bulletin boards, forums, where you or third parties can post reviews and other content. On Interactive Areas offered by us, it is solely your responsibility to use these areas. When you use the Interactive Areas, you admit not to distribute, store, upload, transmit, publish through the site:

a. Content in any form that is illegal, libelous, obscene, pornographic, indecent, defamatory, threatening, suggestive, lewd, fraudulent, abusive or objectionable for one reason or another.
b. Content that encourages or provides information for criminal offense, violates rights of any party, or violate any local, national or international law.

c. Content that might be infringing to patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or any kind of intellectual property.
d. Content that might impersonate any person or entity, or misrepresent your affiliation with any entity.

e. Any kind of unsolicited promotions, advertising, raffles, contests and more.

f. Private information of third party including name, email address, credit card information, social security number, and more.

g. Viruses, corrupted data or any kind of destructive and disruptive files.

h. Content that is unrelated to Interactive areas, in which it is posted.

i. Content or links that ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com thinks might:

a. Violate subsections herein
b. Is found objectionable
c. Restricts or inhibits anyone else from using the Interactive Area
d. Expose ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com or its affiliates to any form of harm or liability.

ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com does not take any responsibility for any of the content that is uploaded or posted by you or a third party.

ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com is also not responsible for any profanity, libel, slander, defamations, falsehood, pornography or obscenity that you might encounter. We are also not responsible for the comments, statements or statements by users in public forums or personal home pages. We have no obligation to screen, edit or monitor the information that is posted. But, ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com can remove any content that is stored or posted on the site for any reason, based on our discretion.

If we determine that you keep the moral rights in the content, you declare that:
a. You don’t need any personally identifiable information to be used in the content or derivative works and updates for that matter.
b. You don’t object to the use, publication, deletion, modification of the content by us or our licensees or successors.
d. You release us, our successors, assigns from any claims against ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com
Use of Interactive areas or other parts of the site in violation of the foregoing will be seen as a violation of the site terms, which could result in suspension of your rights to use the area. We have to cooperate with legitimate governmental requests, subpoenas or court orders, protect customers and systems, which is why we might access or disclose any information including user profile information, traffic information, IP address, posted content and usage history. Our right to disclose this information trumps any of our privacy policies.

Liability Disclaimer
Information, services and products that are displayed on the site may have certain inaccuracies. We or any of our subsidiaries do not take any responsibility for any of these errors related to description of hotels, air cruise, car or different travel items on the site. This information can include pricing, photographs, amenities, product descriptions and more.

ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com doesn’t guarantee suitability of any information contained on the site for any purpose. Any product offered or included on the site should not be seen as recommendation by us. Information of the products, services and software is offered “AS IS”. We also disclaim all warranties and conditions that our site, server or email sent is free of harmful content including viruses. We also disclaim warranties and conditions about products, services, software; that includes implied warranties and conditions of fitness and merchantability for any specific reason.

ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com cannot be held liable for direct or indirect, punitive, special or consequential damages that could be because of or connected to display, use of the website. It could be on account of your dependence on opinions published here, linked sites, products, viruses or services availed of through the site. It could be based on contract, liability, negligence, or even in instances when we are advised on the possibility of any damages.
Liability limitation is an indication of risk allocation amongst parties. Limitations mentioned in the section will hold true even when limited remedy mentioned in the section has failed. Overall they inure to the benefit of ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com of companies.

You agree to indemnify or defend ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com from claims, demands, losses, recovery, penalties, fines, expenses or costs that could involve legal and accounting fees from third parties because of
a. Your breach of Agreement and the documents mentioned here
b. You violating any rules and laws from the third party.
c. Use of this website.

Links to third party sites
You might come across hyperlinks to third party sites that are not operated by us, on our website. We have no control over these sites and are not responsible for privacy or other practices on them. It is completely your responsibility when you click on certain links or download any kind of software to make sure it is free of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, defects or any item of destructive nature. Just because we have included these hyperlinks does not mean we endorse material on the site or association with its operators. There can be instances where you might be asked to link your profile with us to one on a third party site. This is completely optional and decision is based on your discretion. You can also disable the linking of this information at any time you want.

Copyright and Trademark Notices
All the content on the site is ©2017 ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com. All rights reserved. We are not responsible for the content on the sites that are not operated by ReviewBeforeYouBuyIt.com. Any other trademarks, product names, logos, company names and registered trademarks that you might come across on the site are the property of their individual owners. If you find a reference to services, products, processes or information based on trademark, manufacturers, supplier, trade name etc. does not mean endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship by us.

All the other logos, company names and products that have been mentioned herein could be the trademarks from their individual owners.

If you find out about any infringement of your brand or ours, you can let us know.

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  2. I would like to try them to see what they make me look like. See I haven’t got the best smile I would like to see if they work for me.

    • I work the grave yard shift so i thought it would be good to have hot coffee, but it didn’t keep coffee hot . For me it was a waste of my hard earn money!!

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