Tangle Pets Brush REVIEW

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Official website: https://www.tanglepets.com

What is it?

Tangle Pets Brush is a hair brush designed with fun characters that promises to gently remove tangles from your child’s hair!!

How does it work?

Tangle Pets BrushUnlike ordinary brushes that have short bristles and get caught in hair, Tangle Pets Brush claims that its long wet/dry bristle technology effortlessly and painlessly detangles hair with ease! Does Tangle Pets Brush really work as promised? We will have to wait for Tangle Pets Brush reviews to find out.

It states that it perfect size for all hands, works on any hair type, and is perfect for both wet and dry hair. At this point of time there are no reviews of Tangle Pets Brush to verify this claim.

Great to carry everywhere

Tangle Pets Brush convinces it is perfect to carry everywhere, for playtime, sleepovers, and more! It alleges it is machine washable, so simply toss it in the machine for the perfect sanitization! This claim can be validated once Tangle Pets Brush reviews come out.

It is available in 5 characters: Lizzy Ladybug, Cupcake the Cat, Pepper the Puppy, Boppity the Bunny and Sparkles the Unicorn.

Tangle Pets Brush asserts to be the perfect gift to give someone!

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