Tanda Zap Power

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What is Tanda Zap Power – A rechargeable acne removing technology that combines the blue LED light therapy, sonic vibration and gentle warming to get rid of acne bacteria and to open pores so that the bacteria do not hide thereagain.


Quick, effective and safe acne treatment

The original acne removal and anti-aging treatment Tanda Zap device is meant to be the best acne removal treatment with its effective combination of blue light technology, sonic vibration and gentle warming that gets rid of acne blemishes much faster and without drying the skin. The battery operated Tanda Zap claims to have taken a step forward in acne removal treatment with Tanda Zap Power, which is now a rechargeable device so you also do not need to spend money on batteries and can have the device ready to start the treatment whenever and wherever you like.


Shows results in 24 hours of treatment

Tanda Zap Power is believed to be so effective and quick that just about 3 treatments lasting about 2 minutes each decreases the lesions by about 87%. You need to start treating the acne prone area as soon as you anticipate a pimple breakout for best results. Use the Tanda Zap Power device for 2 minutes thrice a day and you will see visible fading of acne in just 24 hours. Effectively, it is claimed that just 6 minutes of exposure to the powerful blue LED light kills the p.acne bacteria by as much as 85% in one day.


Treats mild and moderate acne

Tanda Zap Power is meant to be right for you even if you have several inflamed pimples that are red in color and less than 15 inflammatory pimples or 20 whiteheads or 30 not all inflamed pimples in all. The device also helps in treating red and inflamed pimples and pustules including 20 to 100 whiteheads or 15-50 inflammatory pimples or 30 to 125 total (not all inflamed) pimples.


Works right at the source of acne

The blue light therapy has been scientifically and clinically used by professionals and dermatologists for more than a decade in prevention and rehabilitation treatments to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne whether they are caused genetically or hormonally. Tanda Zap Power claims to use the same blue light therapy with a specific wavelength 414nm of non-UV blue LED light, which is phototoxic to the bacteria that cause acne and destroys them to quickly and effectively clear blemishes. The sonic vibration and gentle warming technology supposedly further open clogged pores to expose the P.acne bacteria to the blue light to destroy them and further remove blotches caused by acne.


The blue light technology claims to work in a way that the light emitted by Tanda Zap Power goes beyond just the surface of the skin right through the follicle opening and hair follicle into the sebaceous gland where the acne bacteria are present and creating all the trouble. The blue light emitted selectively works right at the source to eliminate the bacteria, which in turn helps in breaking the cycle of acne thereby giving you clearer and softer skin and also preventing further breakouts by working at the source of the problem. This process is called photodynamic therapy in medical terms and Tanda Zap Power is apparently so effective in reducing the colonies of the bacteria that it helps in fading of zits as quickly as 24 hours.


Easy to use and requires no downtime

Tanda Zap Power is supposed to let you treat the targeted acne prone area in 3 easy steps that are not time consuming at all. Whenever you are ready to use the zit clearing treatment you apparently only need to cleanse your make-up, serums or any other reflective creams and pat your skin dry. Then activate the device by pushing the orange button on it and wait for a beep and indicator light to know that the device is activated. In the third step, place the head of Tanda Zap Power lightly on the affected area and after the contact with the skin, the head will light up and emit gentle vibration. You will also get a notification of the treatment ending after two short audible beeps after just 2 minutes. You can then follow up by applying any of your favorite non-comedogenic skin products.


Safe for all skin types and tones

It has arguably been proved by tons of scientific studies that the blue LED light therapy is safe on the skin and effectively treats various skin conditions. So, the blue LED light technology of Tanda Zap Power is also meant to be safe on all types of skin and tones and leaves no dryness, flakiness or irritation unlike other acne treatments and devices. Tanda Zap Power claims to use just 414nm blue LED light and not the harmful UVA or UVB wavelength, chemicals or even laser technology so it is safe for skin and has no adverse effect on eyes. If a user is not sensitive to light and has carried out the light sensitivity test with no reaction then Tanda Zap Power promises to cause no side effects whatsoever. Tanda Zap Power supposedly has a built-in temperature sensor to control the temperature of the surface so that it doesn’t surpass the safety limit. Operating under normal circumstances ensures the temperature stays at a comfortable level and you can discontinue your treatment if there is discomfort. It also has automatic shut off.


Light weight and compact, USB chargeable

Tanda Zap Power is supposedly a travel friendly device since it is pocket sized (1 inch square) and lightweight. It also doesn’t need batteries since it is rechargeable and the charge believably lasts long enough to give you 300 treatments of 2 minutes each; that is its charge lasts for 600 minutes of treatment. Other than being plugged in it can supposedly also be charged by USB so you can easily carry it on travels along with its protective cap.


What do I get?
Get Tanda Zap Power for just 79.00. Official website Tanda.ca


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