Tae Bo KO Review

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What is Tae Bo KO?

It is one more power-packed workout from the house of Tae Bo designed by Billy Blanks.Itis a 45-minute program that involves six continuous rounds of mixed martial arts styled techniques blended with the Tae Bofitness moves.

Yet anotherTae Bo tour de force

After introducing a host of workouts dedicated to bringing great fitness levels, Tae Bo has come up with Tae Bo KO. Like its predecessors, Tae Bo KO (knock outs) guarantees to equip your body with intense physical strength, a fit body and also boost cardiovascular skills like no other workout ever could. Tae Bo KO challenges you to gear up for this advancedlevel workout created by the renowned fitness expert, Billy Blanks. This workout is designed as a 45-minute session, which is extremely intense and powerful enough to make an incredible amount of calories burn for sure.

A power-packed mix of the ultimate fitness techniques

The creators of Tae Bo KOstate that its format has incorporated the best of mixed martial arts techniques and the Tae Bo fitness moves.It pushes you to go beyond your capacity and amplify your physical power thatsteps up your fitness level like nothing else has so far. The promoters of this workout explain that it gets you to sweat and feel physically worn out, butthat is anything but a sign of exhaustion. Its six power rounds and moves that last 45 minutes are instead the perfect alternative that replace ordinary workouts that just make you sweat but not really lose unwanted calories and flab. Performing round after round of these exercises is, according to its promoters, the perfect way to achieve the shape you have always desired. Apart from getting you to perform adrenaline gushing exercises, Tae Bo KO also helps you focus on your cardiovascular skills, which is an important part of an effective fitness regime. The entire workout aims to keep you on your toes and ensures you remain actively involved while performing just the moves you should.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Tae Bo KO for $18.99
  • Official website: taebo.com
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